12 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Beginners


what’s up you guys this is professor ron with one hour professor.com and wordpress can be an intimidating platform for beginners if you’re just starting out there is a lot to learn and with all the different functions it offers plus the overwhelming amount of plug-ins to help you manage your blog or website it’s just easy to get confused so knowing this and actually some of you had requested that I make this video

Wordpress Plugins for Beginners
WordPress Plugins for Beginners

I want to take the time to tell you my top recommended plugins that you should use on wordpress when starting a site so in today’s.

I’m going to explain my top recommended wordpress plugins for beginners

I explain them but I’m actually going to show each of them to you and kind of give a brief explanation about what they do as well that being said let’s go ahead and get started all right so I’m going to go ahead and begin and the first thing I have to say keep in mind that every one of these plugins I have a link in the description below so if you’re like oh I should try that one I don’t know where to go just check below and you can get a link to every one of those so what I’m going to do here is I’m just going to share my screen because I feel like that’s definitely the best way to show you each of these in YOU KNOW in action all right so here I am at my website onearmprofessor.com.

I have to say by the way if you haven’t taken my free ignition course it’s it’s for people who are looking to start a blog make sure you do you guys it’s free what do you have to lose right all you do is go here first name your email address enroll for free I’ll send you emails it’ll tell you everything you need to know about starting a blog from scratch and that’ll really help you out but that said let me jump into the actual plugins all right so we’re in the back end of my website here onerprofessor.com I’m gonna go to plugins and there’s a few that are really important so first is going to be wordfence security so this word fence security right here.

I actually need to update it but word fence security is really important because

what it’s going to do and I’m not going to go into the dashboard and firewall because I don’t want to maybe I might give someone with YOU KNOW bad intentions the ability to do something but word-fed security is going to be in my opinion the best security platform or the best security plug-in that’s on wordpress as a whole now I’ve tried a few others I didn’t really like them that much I had issues with them but I now have word friend security on every single one of my blogs now this is important the reason why I have it on every blog I was like before I had a blog that I did a little bit on wasn’t really working on it didn’t have security;

I was like whatever what happened was somebody hacked into the account through that blog right they infected that site and then every other site on my server my server was then infected with that that’s bad news because now it’s not just that blog it’s all the others so you need to have word friend security you can think it won’t happen to me I thought it wouldn’t happen to me it happens it does it took a while but it happened to me don’t be like me get word fencing security it’s free you can get the free version there’s a cost version too but you could just get the free version get that put it on your site configure it correctly and then you will be protected from a lot of different attacks that occur on the internet that could potentially harm your site and your hosting and a lot of other issues just get it trust me on that one next is a kiss a kismet I think a keys met.

I don’t really know how to pronounce that but it’s an anti-spam plugin okay

so this one what it does is it blocks all the comments that are coming in that are just known to be spammers and there is a lot of them especially on wordpress bots all these people spamming your stuff super annoying this will stop a lot of that so let me go ahead and go into the settings here okay so here you can see these are the spam comments and things that I’ve gotten on the one hour professor website right just last month I got 20 different spam ones in July I got 237 3619 spam blocked since I’ve had this on here right and 98 accuracy it has saved me the effort of trying to block 3619 comments yes please saves you a ton of time I think it’s the leading one to stop all the spam comments on your site so get this I think it even comes on a default if you install wordpress.

I believe it comes on default to where it’s a part of YOU KNOW when you when you start it up anyway I think that’s already on there now depending on your host but regardless it’s a good one to have next is yoast seo so this is for those that are looking to do search engine optimization on their site which every single one of you should this is the platform that


I use to do it it is also free and I should have mentioned akismet is also free so yoast seo is also free and it just helps you understand what is going on with your site and doing search engine optimization it’s got a lot of different tools that will help you to actually manage your site so YOU KNOW as an example here you could see hey here’s the Google preview of your site YOU KNOW I’ve got this monthly income report if I say oh YOU KNOW what I don’t really like this is the title tag by the way that’s what it’s called if you’re like I don’t really like it you click on it and oh;

I can actually edit what it looks like here and they also let you edit the meta description

the slug of the post now I do want to say some people are like YOU KNOW they look into this readability and they look into YOU KNOW the scores the seo analysis I frankly don’t use it for that YOU KNOW they talk about going premium that’s all a cost to me and and I just don’t think it’s all that good but for the free version for the the tools you need to make sure that your sites have all of the correct tags and things I think it’s a great plugin it’s simple and again it’s free so I highly recommend that you use it now I have to tell you the next one isn’t free but it is very affordable and I personally you guys I just think it’s one of the best ones and I wish that wordpress had this type of functionality it makes a lot of sense but they don’t it’s a really really useful tool that many of you have tried and liked so.

I have to throw it in here and that is called link whisper so what this is going to allow you to do the one of the hardest things to do when you have a blog is to link in between posts to remember to link in between posts and to make it so that you’re making sense when you’re linking in between posts right it’s kind of hard because a lot of the times you’re linking and you don’t really know how many times you’ve linked to this post and how many times you’ve linked to that post and YOU KNOW what pages are linked in this post it’s it’s difficult to track this to say the least you usually have to have some really extravagant spreadsheet to do it link whisper takes that out of it so I’m just going to show you really quick so if we go to link whisper we can go to the report you can actually see this tells me.

YOU KNOW all the link domains?

that I have if I clicked on links report it’s gonna tell me where I’m actually linking to on my site there’s just a lot of different things that it’s telling you YOU KNOW like for here for instance I have 15 ways to make an extra thousand dollars a month from home I have inbound internal links I’ve linked to that page eight times I have 17 outbound internal links right I’m linking out to 17 other posts of mine and then I have outbound external links I’m linking to 49 other sites from this post and and I can click in here I can read all this there’s a lot of different things that you can do the point is is that this tool makes it all very very manageable compared to doing it in a spreadsheet and this stuff is important for search engine optimization for seo so it’s important to do so it makes my recommendation again the link is below if you’re interested in that one the next one is contact form 7.

now this one I had to pull up the site I actually don’t have this installed on one our professor which is ironic because I’m like hey you have to have this I don’t have it because I have a theme that takes care of this for me but if you’re starting out you may not have that right so I use thrive themes they have something in there if you don’t that’s okay contact form seven you could probably imagine based on what it’s called it helps you create contact forms and it helps you do it in an easy way this for me is a really good one again free doesn’t cost anything and allows you to create contact forms in a way that will be really helpful for your site and make sure that the people who are coming to your site can actually communicate with you which is obviously very.

important the next plugin?

that I really like is called imageify this one also is not on the one our professor’s site but that’s because I just haven’t gotten around to putting it on there and I do have it on actually all of my other sites in my portfolio so I do have it all over all my blogs they all have it what this does so when someone is loading a page on your site the thing that typically slows down your site the most is going to be the images the way that they render how big they are YOU KNOW the details they’re YOU KNOW from website terms those actually take up a lot of YOU KNOW resources to load this will condense them without ruining the way that they look okay,

it’s going to condense and make the files much smaller so that the people who are seeing them at the end users they don’t realize it but that is now condensed down which can speed up your site I said that this is a really important one for beginners because as you’re throwing those images on if they’re not perfectly sized and such then you’re gonna get into a situation where your site is really slow which can negatively impact you from an seo perspective which is no good.

I see this as a requirement?

the the you can try it completely for free right and the pricing even if you do have to get it is very reasonable right you can get up to 20 megabytes per month for free by the way so that’s important but if you have to get even more than that 500 megabytes which is actually quite a bit you could pay five bucks a month super cheap you guys and highly highly recommend it again link below for that one but this is a really good one especially the fact that they have a free version 20 megabytes for images it’s quite a bit of images too so I think that you’ll probably be able to get a mostly the free version will be plenty to go off of the next plugin that,

I think is a requirement and this is once you’re ready to monetize your site is called add inserter now add inserter is big because what it allows you to do is if you’re using adsense media.net ezoeck which I recommend or any of the platforms out there it allows you to take the code to show the ad put it into a space and then this platform this ad inserter which is also free will allow you to show that ad on all your blog posts or all your pages in specific areas so for instance you could say every single blog post on my site after the second paragraph,

I want to show this snippet of code it can be an ad it can be an image it can be whatever you want it to be it’s free and it’s very helpful because it allows you to do that for all posts or you can say okay let’s only show it for these categories YOU KNOW let’s only show it for the online business category and not the blogging category like on one hour professor that’s something that I’d do so it’s a really good plug-in for that I’ve got it on here I’ve got it active on here but I don’t I don’t really run ads on here but it’s a really cool plug-in completely free it takes use a little bit of learning curve but it’s definitely worth having for sure once.

you’re ready to put some ads or some images to make money on your blog

it’s worth having the next plugin is wp rocket so wp rocket is a plug-in that will basically make your website load fast in a few clicks right that’s what it is and again speed is important you guys you have to have a blog or a website that will load quick it does impact your search engine optimization your seo and showing up YOU KNOW high end search that does have an impact so you want to make sure that you are making it as fast as possible within reason this plug-in will help you do it now I do have to say this plug-in does not have a free version right but the pricing again is reasonable so again click in the link below you can check it out but from a perspective of making your website faster I think this is the,

wordpress plugins
wordpress plugins

best one out there I don’t use it on oneourprofessor.com simply because I am using siteground as the host and they have sg optimizer which isn’t as good but does enough for the site speed to where I don’t really need wp rocket to do what it does but for my other sites I use wp rocket all the time actually so highly recommend that you check that out again link below the next plugin I recommend is called pretty links so this is another free one it’s really good in that it makes it so that you can track the affiliate links that you have right so if you go to here we go to pretty links you go click right here and I’ll show you just generally how it works I can’t dig into here because I don’t want people doing bad things with my affiliate links and such but basically right here you can see that with YOU KNOW sending people over to teachable the platform for online course.

platforms I have 15 clicks that have come through

I click in there I could see the ip addresses that all the people that that went in but the real value here is that what you can do when you click on add new what you could do is you could basically say okay so the redirection temporary we’re going to say www.yahoo.com and then we’re going to say what do we want the pretty link to be yahoo right and we would click update so why would I do this why is it so important it’s a pretty link right the link will just be on my site oner professor.com yahoo why is that so important because now if I ever have to change right and affiliate programs they change links have to change if you manually put all the affiliate links into your site it is a nightmare to change them so this allows you to just say oh,

I’m just going to change the target url so let’s say yahoo got bought by Google right and it wouldn’t really make sense to say www.onerrprofessor.com yahoo because it’s not yahoo anymore all we’d have to do is say hey the target url is actually www.Google.com and then we can update it now throughout my entire site every time this pretty link showed up the one hour professor.com yahoo it would then point over to the target url of Google.com instead of yahoo so hopefully that made sense but there’s a lot of benefit to this and again it’s free for affiliates out there it’s an absolute must one that not a lot of people talk about that.

I think is actually really important is called wp external links okay

so what this is it’s really simple and again it’s free but what it lets you do is it lets you open external links in a new tab or window right and you can also control nofollow or no opener so you can basically control some other things but I think it’s really important just to have it to where if anyone’s ever clicking off of your site and going to a new site it doesn’t make them leave your site that’s the key here what it does is when they click it opens up that other site in another tab in the browser that they’re using this is important because if they go to that other tab and they’re looking at the other site they never left your site and your tab so the origin place where they found this other resource is still there that’s crucial right.

I feel that that’s important for Google search engines to let them know hey I sent someone over but that’s I’m still open in the background and plus when they look at the other resource if they close that out and go back they’re going to see your platform again so they may re-engage with your own blogger website which is important too number 11 which is also free is the ultimate add-ons for gutenberg now gutenberg is the new version of what you use to manage your site if you’re not familiar with it came out I don’t know year and a half two years ago whatever it is and it’s free but what it allows.

you to do is it allows you to do things that are pretty cool and would require a developer

usually like different blocks right so if you click here you can see the different blocks this is what it lets you do all these different things here but to show you it in practice let’s say that we’re in here and we click plus I want to add a block we’re going to browse all if you scroll down you can see I can put all of these different ultimate add-on blocks inside of the content that I have like a call to action if I want to put a button I could put that there a marketing button I can put that now for subscription as they show you here faq schema which is important too it’ll let you put schema in there to help Google,

understand things there’s a lot of different things that they do here that is pretty cool and you don’t have to get a developer involved at all so it’s kind of like a internal page builder so to speak you know if you’re if you’re not using thrive architect or thrive theme builder it’s a way of doing these things without hiring developer to get them done and the last plugin that I have to recommend to everybody is the entire thrive themes suite of plugins you guys.

I talk about it all the time I’m probably like their number one fan but I use it the one hour professor website that you see right here was built with thrive theme builder okay this was built with thrive theme builder and it didn’t take much for me to build they had a whole template that.

I could work from and it’s nice because

you can basically drag YOU KNOW click drag things move them without having to get a developer it’s a visual editor right which is really important because if you’re not a programmer like me YOU KNOW I’m not a programmer so I need this sort of stuff to make it all work but YOU KNOW you can go if you go into if you just search frankly in Google thrive themes review I’m going to be one of the top ones there you can search there but in general I talk and I will have the link below as well I have a full review explaining everything you need to know about thrive themes all the different tools we have those down,

here thrive theme builder thrive architect all these different tools that they offer there’s a lot of tools that they offer in their whole suite of products it’s a whole suite of products it’s not one or two tools it’s a whole suite of products it’s not free but in my opinion it’s worth the money it’s the thing that I’ve used to build my business to what it is which is pretty substantial and without it I would not be anywhere close to where I am so I always recommend them as well so there it is you guys those are my recommended plugins for beginners.

I hope that this was really helpful if it was for you please take a second to click on that like button so that YouTube gives me a little bit of love also click to subscribe to my channel so that you’re part of the community and can ask me questions in the future and lastly leave comments if you have them I love to hear from you guys I love to actually interact with my community and I’d love to talk to you otherwise guys thank you so much for being part of my community and just watching my videos and putting up with me I really do appreciate the support myself and my family we appreciate it and I will see you guys in the next one.


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