A rare phone call, secret letter: How India got Pak to release IAF’s Abhinandan


After the image of the bleeding captured by air force fighter (IAF) pilot pilot Abhinandan Varthaman was issued by Pakistan today in 2019, Head of Research and Analysis of Wing (RAW) on Prime Minister of Narendra Modi Instruction Reading RIOT Law to his contents And warn Pakistan from heavy consequences if the Indian Air Force pilot MIG-21 was harmed.

Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman returned home on 1 March via the heavily-guarded Wagah-Attari border post(PTI)
Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman returned home on 1 March via the heavily-guarded Wagah-Attari border post(PTI)

Bonis Wing Commander Mig-21 Abhinandan was shot down after successfully intercepting the Pakistani fighters during the control line in the Rajouri-Mendhar sector on February 27, a day after Balakot’s attack. Before the IAF pilot was expelled from the MIG-21 who agreed to hit the aerial dogfight for the sky of your watch, he shot down the fourth generation F-16 combat. He was arrested by villagers in Kashmir who was occupied by Pakistan where he landed and surrendered to the Pakistani military.

after speaking with former Air Force, intelligence and politicians have been able to reconstruct several actions behind the scenes in New Delhi and Islamabad who led Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to free Indian fighter pilots.

PM Khan, who made an announcement in the National Assembly on February 28, called the decision of “peace movement”.

WG CDR Abhinandan Varthaman returned home on March 1 through a border post of the Wagah-Attari which was heavily guarded. In the odd 60s he spent in Pakistani custody, the Air Force pilot became a conflict face between the two countries when the Pakistani army released a set of propaganda videos that showed him. In one, he was blindfolded and covered in blood, however, responded to questions from a Pakistani army officer with extraordinary, calm and dignity calm.

As soon as Pakistan issued the initial set of pilots in captivity which was decided by India to move quickly, and firmly to get his release.

It was understood that after PM Modi saw a bloody Indian pilot image and the smiling kidnappers, he told India’s intelligence head to clearly communicate with Pakistan that New Delhi would stop in anything if Abhinandan was damaged and demanded direct release. PM MODI message to Pakistan is: “Our arsenal weapons are not for Diwali.”

The message was delivered by the Head of Raw Anil Dhasmana to Him, the contents of the General Syed Munir Munir Ahmed Shah on a safe line. Dhasmana was so blunt so even the head of the contents was surprised to see how the head of the raw would be a ballistic of Abhinandan’s photos. The raw head tells him that the consequences will be fully lying in Islamabad if the pilot is even touched and must be returned without injury.

To show that India means business,

the armed forces are ordered to prepare Missvi Mobile Phone missiles in the Rajasthan sector. It arranges the alarm bell ringing in Washington away too.

In a brief statement announced the release of Wing Commander Abhinandan in the National Assembly on February 28, Prime Minister Imran Khan said he tried to talk to PM Narendra Modi the previous day but could not pass.

First confirmation of the release of Wing Commander Abhinandan came around before PM Imran Khan made an announcement. HT Learning Head of Fill in Letny Gen Shah has sent a secret letter to the RAW chairman on February 28, conveying the decision to release the IAF pilot. PM Modi was told about the letter.

The head of the contents was removed from his post in June 2019 after only eight months away and was replaced by the hardline General Faiz Hameed.


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