hi there my name is sha hope you’re having a great day now this is not a secret that many people they use Internet as their main source to improve their English particularly YouTube and on YouTube we have tons of YouTube channels that are dedicated to improve your English and I have picked up five YouTube channels among them that are really interesting and fun to watch and let’s talk about them let’s get Paris YouTube channel.


that I would like to talk about is nasty way so nasty way is a YouTube channel of a guy who’s famous you serious thing I hope that I’m pronouncing his name correctly and he traveled 1,000 days around the world and each day making one videos so in total 1000 videos which has been sane so he covered up many many topics like peculiarities of age nation each country mainly Asian countries and of course Middle Eastern countries and what’s interesting is he talks about the things that are usually not provable and I hope that it’s gonna be very fun to watch his videos and his videos are short approximately one to five minutes each of them and this is usually for students.

whose level is elementary in above and their

volunteer who love it the secondary channel that I would like to give you is a bright side the bright side is a YouTube channel that is for students whose level is intermediate and above it’s quite difficult to understand forward what you train to mediate an elementary level students in the bright side they cover many topics various topics on technology education history science and so and of course.

the YouTube channel the blood side is quite interesting and the words are academic and I can say these five to ten minutes long videos I’ll going to be very very enjoyable view the third-year channel that I’d like to give you is Prince a YouTube channel I don’t know I think it’s not his name it his name is Richard really,

I’m sorry so the Richard Williams

he is a student I think he’s still a student from America and he basically makes videos about education what are they some serious flaws in education and how we can improve our studying how we can improve our relationship how we can make true a friendship and so on and he also inspires people to be successful and gives a lot of motivation and I think when you have some difficulties.

watching this YouTube channel

is going to be a great one and Phase II the channels are fairly easy to understand and you’re going to love it and the fourth YouTube channel that I would like to give you is English speeches so English speeches this is about speeches of famous people influential people who are the CEOs of many global like mega companies and of course mmm among them there are some people who changed the course of history so in this YouTube channel

you will definitely find many many people’s speeches that are what’s super inspiring that are quite easy to understand and of course you will learn a lot from this YouTube channel and the last one that I would like to give you is 10 I think Ted is the most popular on YouTube.

because in Ted they have people around the world

who are making pioneering things who have discovered many many things and whose stories inspired hundreds and thousands of people and I think that by watching TED talk it will definitely be able to improve your vocabulary and of course you will improve your listening skills especially different accents because on YouTube we have a sorry on Ted we have many people coming around the world and speaking in different accents so guys five YouTube channels that I have a recommend that are not stately blood side prints be English speeches and Ted and accept.

Nastily all of them are for students

who are intermediate and above so some features are watching please make sure that you are not giving these YouTube channels for students what the level of beginner because even if the content of the video is quite amazing it might be a bit difficult for your students to understand which can be a problem for them to progress in the future,

help you enjoy these YouTube channels and I ask you to subscribe to my YouTube channel that I recently created and I’m going to cover their the topics of fakeness definitely in the English language and the third one is I will give you some so-called motivation and some tips to a perfect personality and to be successful in your education so see.



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