Bigg Boss 14 promo: Aly Goni gets violent and injures Kavita Kaushik, she says she feels unsafe around him


A new promo for Bigg Boss 14 showed Aly Goni getting violent and aggressive over a perceived slight to his family from Kavita Kaushik. She then declared that she does not feel ‘safe’ in the Bigg Boss house with him around and requested to be let out.

It all started with Bigg Boss informing the contestants that rules were broken as they used items that were only permitted to be used by the captain. Bigg Boss asked captain Kavita to punish the defaulters by giving their personal belongings to him.

Nikki Tamboli told Kavita that Aly broke the rule by giving Pavitra Punia a chocolate. As Kavita gave Aly’s trimmer away to Bigg Boss, he took it back and challenged her, “Leke bata do agar dum hai (Take it back if you have the guts).” Kavita called Aly a ‘gunda (thug)’ and he retorts by asking, “Aap kya hai, anpadh (Who are you, you illiterate person)?” Kavita refused to back down and replied, “Tumhari baap hoon main (I am your father).”

Aly lost his cool and told Kavita that she does not have the ‘aukaat (stature)’ to be his father. He then started kicking chairs and yelling, “Yeh mere baap ka naam kaise le rahi hai (How dare she take my father’s name)?” As she walked out, he charged at her and kicked a large collection bin, which ended up hitting her. Abhinav Shukla and others tried to calm him down.

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Kavita told Bigg Boss that she does not feel ‘safe’ in the house with Aly. He, on the other hand, angrily declared that he will make her life miserable. “Yeh royegi ab. Yeh aurat raat ko do minute ke liye bhi soke bataye. Haraam kar dunga jeena tera iss ghar mein main. Ab batata hoon gunda kaun hota hai (She will cry now. I will see how she sleeps at night for even two minutes. I will make her life miserable in the house. Now I will show her what a thug really is)!”

Clutching her injured elbow, Kavita appealed to Bigg Boss to allow her to leave. “Main iss ghar mein iss hinsak insaan ke saath nahi reh sakti (I cannot live in this house with this violent person). Get me out of here!,” she said with tears in her eyes.

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