Bigg Boss 14 promo: Jasmin Bhasin pitted against Rubina Dilaik in captaincy task, Kavita Kaushik fights allegations of bias


New promos for Bigg Boss 14 show tensions running high in the house. The new captaincy task – Batwaara (Division) – pitted close friends Jasmin Bhasin and Rubina Dilaik against each other. The contestants were divided into two ‘families’ and had to stake claim over every corner of the Bigg Boss house, the merits of which were decided by captain Kavita Kaushik.

Fighting for the kitchen and dining area, Jasmin said, “Kitchen sabse important hota hai. Usme tanaav nahi aana chahiye, insaan ko sukoon ka khana milna chahiye. Unhone kitchen ka aaj nahi, humesha istemaal kiya hai tanaav paida karne mein (The kitchen is the most important area of the house. There should be no tension there, people should be able to enjoy a peaceful meal. Rubina has always used the kitchen to create tension).”

Rubina reminded Kavita of her fight with Aly Goni a day earlier, in which he vowed to make her life miserable. Kavita told Rubina that refusing to cook is very low and awarded the kitchen and dining area to Jasmin and her family.

On being accused by Rubina of playing against her, Kavita said, “Agar main biased hoti toh main abhi nikaalti Aly aur Jasmin se jo dushmani hai. Kal jo bhi hua bohot apriya tha. Insaan gusse mein kahi cheezein bolta hai. Maine ghar mein jo naughty hai sabse pehle uska saamaan pakda. Main chahti toh jo easy hai, Nikki ka saamaan daal sakti thi (If I was biased, I would have taken out my grudge on Aly and Jasmin. Whatever happened yesterday was unpleasant. People say a lot of things when they are angry. I seized the belongings of the naughty one first instead of going after someone easy like Nikki Tamboli).” Kavita is then reminded that she called Aly a ‘gunda (thug)’ yesterday but is now excusing his behaviour as ‘naughty’.

Meanwhile, when Eijaz Khan entered the kitchen, Nikki told him, “Yeh humara area hai, chal nikal (This is our area, get out).” He was angered by her tone and got into an altercation with her. Pavitra Punia also joined in and sided with him.

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In another promo video, Rubina and Abhinav Shukla can be seen revolting against Kavita’s captaincy. While Abhinav called Kavita a ‘mad woman’, Rubina told her to assign cooking duties to someone else. Rubina said that she will not do anything in the house as she is unhappy with Kavita’s captaincy. The two then got into a huge argument.

Kavita then declared that she will unleash the villain within. “Villain hoon na main, ab main dikhati hoon inko villainpana. Inko nahi aa rahi hai pyaar ki bhasha samajh mein, ab aao (They call me villain, now I will show them what a villain really is. They do not understand the language of love, now they will see),” she said.

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