CBI team to reach Mumbai on Tuesday to probe Anil Deshmukh


The Investigation Center (CBI) team from Delhi, which consisted of half a dozen officers, will reach Mumbai on Tuesday to investigate the allegations of corruption and abuse of official positions against former Minister of Maharashtra Anil Deshmukh, people who are familiar with these developments.

CBI team to reach Mumbai
CBI team to reach Mumbai

Deshmukh went down on Monday for hours after the Bombay High Court ordered the central agent to look into the allegations, flattened by former Police Commissioner Mumbai Parlh Singh.

Singh, in a letter written by Maharashtra Maharashtra Head Uddhav Thackeray on March 20, accused Deshmukh asking Mumbai police to collect ₹ 100 crore per month from the bar, hotel and restaurant, a charges of being rejected by the Minister and the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

Bombay HC has requested a central agent to complete the question within 15 days after the CBI Director will receive a call in further action.

The officials quoted above said the Delhi team would be assisted by Mumbai CBI officers because the agency had little time to complete a preliminary question (PE).

Usually, according to the CBI crime manual, PE should have finished in three months before being included before the police supervisor (SP) and the Digging Branch (Deputy Inspector General), after that the last call was taken whether to register a regular case (equivalent to the first information report) or close the question ,

The officers, asked for anonymity,

said the CBI team would record the statement of Dr. Jaishri Patil, who in whom ordered an investigation by the main anti-corruption agent.

It will also record the statement of former Police Commissioner Mumbai Parambir Singh to find out more about his accusation after it will look for documentary evidence and indirectly, if any.


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