‘Children can get and spread Covid but…’: Centre amid 3rd wave concerns


Children are not immune from Covid-19 infection but the minimum symptoms, the center said on Saturday.

Amid worries on the possibility of the third wave of the Pandemic Coronavirus, the center on Saturday said children were not immune from infection, but the impact was minimal. “If children are affected by Covid, whether there will be no symptoms or there will be minimal symptoms. They do not need to be inpatient in general,” said Niti Aayog (Health) member VK Paul said on Saturday, during a press direction from the Ministry of Health Union , ,

Describing three points about Covid-19 infection among children, Dr. Paul said that children are not immune from this infection and they can infect other people but generally do not suffer severe infections. Health infrastructure must be increased to treat Covid-19 among children, but most importantly not to let them be part of the transmission chain in the first place, said Dr. Paul.

“Some obvious facts in front of us. Children can be infected and they can be infected up to a certain extent. It cannot be said with certainty that infection among children is relatively lacking. For example, Serosurvey December-January reveals that seropositivity levels among children Children and older are almost the same, “said Dr. Paul.

Children accounted for around 3-4 percent of hospital entrance tickets, in India and all over the world, he added to special attention to those aged between 10 and 12 years because they were very mobile.

When the second wave of the ongoing pandemic will be controlled by a stable decline in the number of positive cases everyday and in the level of prospitis, concerns over the third wave have been expressed by experts, the state government. It has also been captured that this third wave may affect children.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a recent meeting with state and district officials, has asked them to collect data on transmission of infections and severity among young people and children.

Previously, the Maharashtra government said it began to prepare for the third wave of pandemics and began to establish a Covid Pediatric ward for children. The Chairman of the Delhi Minister Arvind Kejriwal also said children could be increased risk of contracting this infection.

In the first wave of pandemic, the people above age 45 are considered the most vulnerable to infection. In the ongoing second wave, many young people contracted infection, but according to medical data, there was no significant shift in age groups and people aged between 45 and 60 years still the most vulnerable, the Ministry of Health said.


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