Cross-dressing Jackie leaves Radhe viewers in disbelief: ‘Was this needed?’


Some viewers are set to Salman Khan-Starrer Radhe: you are the most sought after you don’t expect to see Jackie Shroff wear a slinky dress Disha Patani.

A scene from Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai.
A scene from Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai.

The scene in Radhe: Bhai you are the most sought after, where actor Jackie Shroff wore a slinky red dress, has left the audience scratching their heads. The scene took place at the club, when Radhe Salman Khan had a second thought about developing feelings for Diya, played by Disha Patani.

Jackie played Diya’s brother, who also happened to be a Radhe boss. In that scene, Radhe could feel Jackie’s character observing him and Diya from a distance, namely when he began to have a glimpse of Jackie wearing Diya’s dress, almost as a deterrent.

“Jackie Shroff Ko Dress Pehna in Innone (they put Jackie Shroff in gender) gender fluid,” one person commented on Twitter. “Bro Jackie Wheroff wears a dress I’m dying,” wrote another person. “I thought about Jackie Shroff’s scene in the dress & it made me feel the legend but still, it was entertaining if you want it to be entertaining,” wrote a third person.

An viewer writes that they cannot bring themselves to watch the scene. “BAAP of all scenes, watching Jackie Shroff in one piece. Seriously this is needed?” The person wrote. “I watched a ten seconds of Radhe’s clip where Disha Patani who danced with Salman Khan turned into Jackie Shroff in a slinky disha dress. This is a tweet solidarity for young, sweet Shroff Tiger. Stay strong, making references, making references, making a reference for relationships Reportedly between Disha Patani and Jackie’s son, Tiger.

Radhe was released on Thursday and received a large review of negatives. The IMDB film rating has fallen to 2.1 / 10, making it the second lowest Salman Khan-Starrer, in front of RAS 3. But Zee Studios revealed that this film switched 4.2 million times on the first day. It also produced ₹ 4.4 crore theater, in foreign markets.


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