Day after govt’s social media rules, Twitter says, ‘Many people don’t trust us’


The day after the center released the regulations for the social media and the over-the-top (OTT) platform which made it mandatory for Twitter and WhatsApp to identify the source of posts that were considered anti-national by the authorities, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said the micro-blogging platform lacked transparency and has been proven in recent years

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has said Twitter is not alone in facing a trust deficit.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has said Twitter is not alone in facing a trust deficit.

“… We agree that many people don’t believe us. It’s been clearer than the last few years … and we are not alone: ​​Every institution experiences a significant trust deficit,” he told analysts, as reported by PTI.

Twitter experienced problems in India after Republican day violence than opened in the national capital when farmers issued a tractor rally protested three agricultural laws. The government marked several Twitter accounts tweeting with the Genocide Farmers Hashtags’, requesting a platform to take action against them. Twitter took a series of staggering actions but several accounts were restored after briefly suspended, and Twitter defended the action by citing the policy of freedom of expression.

New guidelines, released by the IT ministry, require social media intermediaries to appoint a resident complaints officer, which will register complaints in 24 hours, and submit a monthly compliance report. User complaints must be completed within 15 days.

New rules apply immediately, although significant social media providers (based on the number of users) will get three months before they must start obeying.

CEO Dorsey on Friday said Twitter intends to make the moderation practice of its content more transparent, giving people more control to moderate their interaction, enable market approach to the relevance algorithm, and fund open source social media standards.

Focus on metrics such as transparency, accountability, reliability and choices will have a big impact, he said.

As part of a series of reference steps, the microblogging platform plans to introduce a way for users to automatically block and disable rough accounts.



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