Deepika’s ad called out for plagiarism by Yeh Ballet director Sooni Taraporevala


The material sarong behind a clothing ad featuring Deepika Padukone has been accused of being plagiarism by Yeh Ballet Filmmaker Soepi Taraporevala, who has called the incident ‘intellectual theft’.

Deepika Padukone, in a still from the ad.
Deepika Padukone, in a still from the ad.

The Director of Soodi Taraporevala has accused the ad maker that displays Padukone in plagiarisis from his film, Yeh Ballet. Advertising production designers, such rupin, acknowledged that the equation was intentional.

“A few days ago someone brought this @lis_in ad for my attention,” wrote wrote in Instagram posts on Tuesday, attaching screenshots from the film and advertisements. “I was surprised to see our Yeh Dance Studio arranged in this advertisement, because it was conceptualized & made from the displaced room by @shalzoid (PD us) from the beginning and dismantled after our photo shoot. Basically @nadieye (this director AD) saw Yeh Ballet and decided to Poplating our past details (swipe for screenshot). Will Levi and Director have thought of doing it in the West without permission / recognition, and forward it as their own creative work.? This is not respect. This is intellectual theft! Very unfair For our extraordinary production designers @ Shalzoid to make his work cheated like that. ”

He added, “Copycat culture in India needs to be called and canceled.

You will think foreign production companies and directors will know better. Are you very bankrupt? What do you think? @Lis_in @rupsuchak @ newland.”

Yeh Ballet was released at Netflix in 2019. The film follows two children of Mumbai, who dreamed of ballet dancing, many with their family’s disapproval and society. Deepika shared ads, for levi clothing brands, on Instagram page last week. Among those who praised the ad was her husband, Ranveer Singh, actor Ayushmann Khurrana, com in the future of Hrithik Roshan, and others.

Rupin acknowledged that Yeh Ballet was indeed part of the Brief.

“It’s exactly like the studio in the film Yeh Ballet, did you shoot there?” One person commented, and Rupin’s reply, according to the screen of the screen shared by Soepi was, “Yes we did 🙂 Actually that was what our director wanted so we had to recreate it.”

The last Deepika looks on the screen on Chhagaak. He was currently filming Pathan, opposite Shah Rukh Khan, and recently concluded shooting for the Domestic Noir Shakun Batra. He also has fighters, with hrithik, in the pipe.


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