Drones to deliver Covid-19 vaccines? ICMR gets nod for feasibility study


ICMR will conduct research working with IIT-Kanpur. Some other entities have also been given permission by the Civil Service Ministry to carry out operations using drones that are very important.

The ICMR had approached the Centre seeking permission to use drones to deliver COvid-19 vaccines.(
The ICMR had approached the Centre seeking permission to use drones to deliver COvid-19 vaccines.(

The Ministry of Civil Aviation (Moca) and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Thursday gave parole to the Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR) to conduct a feasibility study of Covid-19 vaccine using drones. ICMR has partnered with IIT-Kanpur for this project.

The center said in the release that liberation will apply for a period of one year or until the order further.

ICMR has submitted an application in February which seeks permission to conduct a feasibility study to provide Covid-19 vaccine using drones. The government said that the medical research body must obtain permission in the standard operating procedure (SOP) from DGCA.

In accordance with release, parole has also been given to several civil entities and agencies to carry out studies using drones. These are: Dehradun City Corporate, Haldwani, Haridwar and Rudrapur for GIS-based property database preparation and electronic tax registers; City Division and Katni Division Central Railway for train accident trains and maintain safety and security of train assets.

Drones are very useful in providing the last mile delivery, and reach a difficult place for AC. In India, they have been used by the authorities in several cities to make an examination in the crowd when the Covid-19 pandemic spread last year.

In Ghana, Zipline delivery services have used drones to provide Covid-19 vaccines to people living in remote areas. According to a report in Forbes, Zipline has partnered with the Ghana government to provide this vaccine which has been accepted as part of the Covax – a global initiative to provide fair access to the Covid-19 vaccine. This initiative is supported by the World Health Organization (WHO).


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