Google Adsense Auto Ads vs Manual Ads – Which is Better?


what’s up you guys this can be professor ron with one hour and Google auto ads are becoming talked about quite bit by some different people I’ve actually seen during a lot of various places and folks are talking about auto ads and is it worthwhile i believe that’s because Google somewhat recently they’d released an update to them and everyone’s like well are they really a extremely,

Google Adsense Auto Ads vs Manual Ads
Google Adsense Auto Ads vs Manual Ads

good idea to use on my website right is it something that’s visiting pay off or should I not even test it out and my short answer thereto is yes you must put them on your website but you wish to observe this video till the top I’m not just getting saying that to induce watch time on YouTube I’m saying that because.

I’ve suffered plenty of experiences with Google auto ads

I understand Google auto ads and that i know the items that you just have to know that you simply do not know yet about Google auto ads so as to implement them correctly and if you do not implement them correctly there are some bad things that may happen so what i need to try to to during this video is explain what a number of those things are and by the top of the video I’ll also do a screen share to point out you Google adsense auto ads how they’re acting on my very own websites so you understand what proportion revenue they will make compared to manual placements etc in order that being said let’s move and obtain started [Music] alright so for those who do not know and really quick want to hide this what are Google auto ads,

well basically this is often something that Google adsense has on their platform and that they previously had a version of it but lots of individuals didn’t prefer it i feel this newer version is best and could be a}ctually done some pretty kickshaws on behalf of me but Google auto ads is rather than taking code and manually placing it on your website or employing a plugin to try to to this which is what I do for lots of my stuff Google auto ads will actually automatically put ads throughout your entire website so you place one piece of code in there you tell Google what forms of ads you would like on your website and so it does all the work for you which ones sounds pretty good right the key here is that these auto ads really they take plenty less thought and that they really cause you to lots more revenue because you do not should sit there together with your headspace and give some thought to these things it’s like oh man i do not want to essentially pander to this and someone.

that’s not really at home with these items it is a great alternative

they are saying you recognize what forget it I just want them to try and do everything they turn it on it’s able to go so why would someone use adsense auto ads it’s a good question right because it’s like okay well you’ll just put them manually why would you employ the auto ones there’s} actually lots of reasons the primary one is pretty simple it’s very easy to implement auto ads for websites that you just have if you have already got adsense you basically just activate auto ads and voila they’re there it’s that easy you literally just click a thing and it’s done you have got to toggle some settings and like I said watch the video all the thanks to the top because;


Auto Ads Switch Off and Switch On Setting
Auto Ads Switch Off and Switch On Setting

I’ll tell you what settings those are and what you wish to stay a watch out for but that’s one in all the largest benefits right and even for somebody who includes a new website I desire i do not really understand how to try and do ads okay just copy paste this code boom now your whole website can have auto ads it’s hard to fight that right another excuse why people do you have to know or someone uses auto ads is because they like this video and buy the channel that’s not really the rationale but it might be awesome if you guys did that I’d really appreciate it but another excuse is that it’s extra income additionally to the manual ads that they place this is often why i’ve got tested out auto ads is because.

I have already got ads founded on my website manually

I’ve done all this work manually then I’m like well i’m wondering if I can make a bit bit more cash the solution is yes you’ll be able to and also the answer thereto is use auto ads so you implement auto ads on your website and boom now you are making extra money which is a beautiful thing the very last thing is that they’re simply lazy I’m sorry there is not anything wrong with it there’s no ways you recognize with no thanks to go around it some people are just lazy and they are like man I just don’t desire to accommodate ads okay throw Google auto ads on there and you’re done so do i take advantage of auto ads myself yes as i discussed just a second ago,

I do use them but as I said I tweak certain things to form sure that they are performing the way that i would like them to perform so what kinds or what kinds of ads does Google auto ads offer right there’s quite few different ones there is in-page ads there’s match content ads there are anchor text ads and there are vignette ads now I wish that there was an advertisement out there for people to only like this video and subscribe in the channel but I don’t think there is but okay let me let me get back to it here the thing is is that they have a lot of different ads that you can use a lot of different ad units that you can use in auto ads and it’s really a matter of preference right there’s certain ones that.

I like and certain ones that

I don’t and I’ll I’ll kind of show you in the screen share I’ll kind of explain some of them to you but generally speaking like vignette ads I stay away from I stay very far away because those are the ones after somebody clicks it’ll show them an ad and totally intrusive on their experience I don’t personally like that and you know you can look in the description to find all the different ad types and like I said I’ll show you the screen share a little bit some of them but generally speaking I’ll use all of them except the vignette ads and that said before I give it to the screen share there are some possible problems that can happen with Google adsense auto ads and some of them are a little frightening so first off and probably,


my biggest one is that you have a lack of control you have like no control over over auto ads you can do a few things to tweak them but at the end of the day what you’re gonna find is that Google usually when you join this program and you’re using auto ads they’re just going to just jam ads throughout your content in all these different places sometimes it’s not so bad you’re like okay I can deal with ads there but sometimes you’re like man really don’t like that that adds there you can adjust things to make it in some areas go away but the full YOU KNOW the limitations of how much you can control kind of that’s one of the things.

I don’t like like you can’t necessarily say oh

I just want to be so there’s no more than six ads a page you can’t do that so Google might throw seven eight nine ads on a page and they in certain cases have done that to me it’s important that you look at the pages afterwards but it’s just something to keep in mind speaking of control one thing I do want to say guys and I don’t usually push this but I do have to mention it make sure if you are kind of trying to create websites or you haven’t been all that successful yet go to my website you can go to the home page you can read a little thing it says learn the truth about online marketing at the end of that you’re gonna get a free mini course it’s free it’s completely free so make sure you check it out the next problem,

with auto ads is you and this one is mind-boggling you could potentially have violations with adsense using autobites yes with their own freaking product you could get violations which is pretty crazy and I can’t believe that that’s true but it just is so they first off they don’t account if you have other ad network ads on your pages they don’t account for those ads so that can cause a big problem because you might have a page that has 15 YOU KNOW a blog post that has 15 ads or something like that or 20 ads and they aren’t even accounting for all the ads of the other platforms you’re using so like if you’re using for example which.

I’ve used in some of my websites

it won’t even account for those which is pretty scary because when somebody enters a page with the ad coalition basically if over 30 percent of the page is ads right when they land there you can actually get the ads blocked in mobile devices there’s a lot of things to it I won’t get into great detail here but that’s one of the scary things is that it doesn’t recognize all those other ad networks out there and I’m not just talking about I mean there’s other ones out there they don’t even recognize that in addition to that they very well can show too many ads on pages it’s very possible there is a setting that I use in there that I’ll talk about and show you that can adjust that but they can very well use too many ads on a page not only is that going to hurt the user experience but it could potentially create a violation with Google adsense and then you’re dealing with some real trouble the next problem.

I see with Google auto ads is that sometimes it can slow down your page load times which is never a good thing right site speed’s important I would say for me the trade-off of the amount of revenue that I make versus how much slower it makes it is worth it but if you have a slow website or having issues already it could be one of those things you’re like oh this is kind of a deal breaker so it is one of those things but then you just have to look at it as well revenue versus page YOU KNOW load speed which one’s more important next I want to talk about the alternatives to Google adsense auto ads so yes there are alternatives out there the first alternative and this is kind of an alternative and it’s kind of a really good one is to like this video and subscribe to the channel why aren’t you doing it not really if you could appreciate it guys I like the community.

I want a community

I want you guys to be part of it please like and subscribe but that being said there are alternatives the first one that comes to mind for me and I have a link in the description below that you can use to get over to them is ezoic right ezoic is a platform that uses artificial intelligence and it uses Google adsense but it uses it in a way that it also pairs with artificial intelligence to make sure the user experience isn’t completely destroyed and that you’re making a lot of revenue at the same time and it does certain things using machine learning to make you the most money while not completely destroying your ux of your website which is good also there is mediavine there is add thrive there’s monumetric there is a lot of different platforms out there that YOU KNOW there these networks these ad networks that can help.

you because sometimes they have third party partners that’ll pay more money but YOU KNOW I I definitely recommend that you test these different things as well to see what really performs best as I mentioned earlier there’s also which is one and there is a link below to if you’re interested in testing that out I think you should test it out I’ve tested it out and I found that sometimes on certain website it actually paid better than Google adsense so it’s definitely something that’s worth looking into and now guys here it is the time you’ve been waiting for let me do a screen share to show you adsense auto ads and also show you some of the settings that you need to toggle with in order to be successful okay so here you can see this is the automatic Google adsense ad settings right and obviously some of the stuff is blurred out you guys that’s because.

I don’t want people stealing

my urls of all my stuff and quite frankly this is one of the websites that I don’t really deal with all too often but this is auto ads you can enable this or disable this whatever you want to do you can also optimize your existing ad units I don’t use that but that basically lets them test things about your current ad units to see how auto ads would perform against it but basically what you do here you have different ad formats right you have in-page ads and it tells you what all these ads are which is nice so you have in-page ads that appear in the main body of the content match content this is like a promotion tool that can increase revenue engagement it’s usually on the bottom of your your posts they have the anchor ad placement which is on mobile the lower part or the higher part of the page there’s gonna be like an anchor head that’s stuck to the screen there right that’s what those are and then they have vignette these are a mobile full screen ads that appear between page loads,

I hate these because it’s one of those where somebody clicks on a link and then it sees an ad and then they’re like close that and then they go back then click on another link and then it throws an ad item again it’s it’s just too much some people use it I will not so this is what’s important and and what I said there are some things that are really important here and some settings that you need to mess with when you are using Google auto ads two things that you absolutely need to do go into ad load okay this will tell you how many ads you’re showing per page it won’t actually tell you the number but if you do this if you move it all the way to max and save it you’re going to have a crazy amount of ads on your page but if you go down to minimum you’re going to reduce those ads significantly default.

I usually leave it about the middle and then

I’ll look at my pages and I’ll look at like five different pages and if I think YOU KNOW what there’s still too many ads I’ll reduce it right I’ll bring it down a little bit you can do whatever you want but the point is be really careful with your ad load because if you put it all the way to max and you already have manual ads on there too you’re going to have like 20 ads in a page and that’s pretty brutal that’s the first thing second thing is these page exclusions this is often really big usually what I do is i will be able to manage this and that,

i will put a page exclusion always on the house page always always always ensure the homepage doesn’t have it contact pages about pages you recognize take all the ads off there because they’re going to throw the ads anywhere right that’s how this this tool works but I’ll usually take them off of there after I try this I find that it’s pretty reasonably successful it’ll just place basically place more ads inside my blog post a number of my category post pages so it’s really not terrible but it’s definitely something that you simply want to tweak as you are going okay guys so here i’ve got one in all my websites open up and that i know that there is some stuff on the screen that’s blocking you from seeing some things.

i do not want people stealing my sites and that

i can’t tell you everything about my adsense account but here’s what I can show you basically with this particular website within the last 30 days i’ve got made almost well about 5800 hours with manual ads that i’ve got and i have made around 438 so a bit bit but 10 percent around 8 this particular website doesn’t have lots of auto ads in the slightest degree I’ve done that by design because I did plenty of manual ad placement in order that’s how that one’s figuring out the following one here we’ve got it’s basically a touch bit different right we’ve the the ads place manual and automatic I definitely have more automatic ads here and you’ll be able to see that during this particular case we’ve got 700 about 755 within the last 30 days in manual ad placements and so 171 which is significantly more right away you’re talking about what quite 20 of the of the revenue is coming through the auto ads so this particular website I’m allowing more auto ads but I’ve also tweaked it to be more careful,

then the last website here and this one is admittedly interesting basically i’ve got my manual auto ad placement which i have not focused a lot on so i’ve got my automatic ad placement which is really quite near making the identical and at one point it actually was making more so this can be one that i have been more aggressive with my ad units and i am letting auto ads do what it wants to try to to because it’s really informational purely and you recognize there’s not a large amount that folks can run into otherwise so I’m basically letting auto ads quite do its thing there so there it’s you guys that’s everything i do know about Google auto ads and a few of the type of things that you simply should really concentrate to when you’re implementing them just take care with this you guys take your time put them on start testing and ensure they work for you so if you wish to push them further;

you’ll be able to otherwise guys if you have got any questions or comments please leave them below i really like reproof you guys and as I always remind you wish this video and subscribe the channel just like the video so people can find it purchase the channel so that I can find you and you’ll become a part of the community that’d be great otherwise thanks for watching guys and that i will see you within the next one.


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