Happy Birthday Sanjana Sanghi: I can’t believe I am turning 25, I started off as a child actor!


Actor Sanjana Sanghi is back to work, and recently shot for some action scenes abroad in Russia for her next, Om. She sounds excited when she tells us that people will get to see her performing that for the first time. “I have been working like crazy. It was really satisfying shooting, in the sense that you felt you can go ahead and do that with all precautions. Also, what we filmed there was very exciting for me as an actor. I have been prepping for the sequence for a while now, and to finally do that was creatively very exciting,” says the 24-year-old, who turns a year older on September 2.

She adds that the audience will get to see “a new side” to her, one which she discovered herself.

Sanghi is flying off to Maldives to ring in her birthday, with close friends. She says she takes her birthdays very seriously, and expects people near and dear to her to also do that. “It has always been a grand celebration. I remember in school, it always used to be right in the middle of our half yearly exams, but we would still throw birthday parties. My friends would take permission. I love getting everyone in my life together. It was the first time last year when I couldn’t do that, but my closest friends came outside my gate and sang happy birthday,” she recalls fondly.

We talk to her before she has taken off for Maldives, so she has those jitters amid the Covid-19 pandemic. “Till the time we reach there, I think we should keep our fingers crossed, anything could go wrong. It’s the big 25th, I just wanted to zoom out a bit and take notice of where’s one at and where life is. A little bit of the ocean and nice sunsets could do that,” says the actor, who had made her debut as a lead in 2020’s Dil Bechara.

Her acting career though had started as a child actor, and that is why Sanghi can’t believe she has hit this age so soon. She exclaims, “I don’t think this age plays on my mind in terms of growing older, but I finally feel like when I look back, there is so much growth, experiences that have now added to the person we are now. I can’t believe I am turning 25. I have been the younger sibling, little one at home, and in the industry I started off as a child actor. I am still not feeling this is the big 25. Maybe once it happens and I cut the cake, it will sink in.”

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