Himanta Biswa Sarma: From BJP’s key strategist in northeast to Assam CM


As an experienced politician, Himanta Buswa Sarma never made its ambition for the best public post.

The 52-year-old Himanta Biswa Sarma has been a key figure in Assam’s politics for two decades now
The 52-year-old Himanta Biswa Sarma has been a key figure in Assam’s politics for two decades now

Since he joined the Congress government led by Tarun Gogoi in 2001 as minister after his first election victory, Himanta Bustwa Sarma was always seen by many people as someone who would reach the minister’s chairman in time.

On Sunday, the hope came true as Sarma PPED incumbent Sonowal Sonowal unanimously was chosen as the leader of the Legislature Party of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which secured 60 seats in the assembly polls recently concluded to return to a temporary position again consecutive.

As an experienced politician, Sarma never made his ambition for the best public post. But since he left the Gogoi Cabinet Congress in 2015 after the difference with CM passed constituting his son Gaurav, the perception was strong so he joined his political goals.

Sonowal led the BJP to the election victory, but BJP High Command had to give CM seats to Sarma because he was the one who galvanized mass support for the party and also received support from two new BJP legislators, people in parties with knowledge of the problem.

The 52-year-old boy has become a key figure in Assam’s politics for two decades now. But Sarma, who joined BJP six years ago, has had an increase in meteors in the Safron Party and its influence is not limited to Assam but seen in all regions.

Political sharpness Sarma and Oratory Skills play an important role in the BJP 60 winner of a total of 126 seats in 2016 and form the first government party in Assam with the Alliance of Mitra Asom Gana Parishad and Front Peoples. Even though it’s new for the party, Sarma is given four important departments – Health, Education, Finance and Public Works – in the Sonowal Cabinet.

As the organizer of the Northeast Democrat Alliance (Neda), a BJP front of the anti-Congress party in the northeast, Sarma shared close relations with senior politicians in all seven states. His role was very important in the BJP forming government in Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Tripura and became part of the powerful coalition in Nagaland and Meghalaya.

Sarma does not have a clean slate and has charges of his involvement in Skam Louis Berger and the Saradha group fraud scheme. But he has been able to befall them and play a key role in BJP, a party that has targeted it on this accusation.

Over the past five years, Sarma has made signs outside the area and become a face known throughout the country – traditional scarcity for politicians from the northeast. He consulted by BJP leadership for any problems regarding Assam and the region and more often than not, the advice was accepted.

Because of his position in Assam’s cabinet and in Neda, Sarma’s stature grew in such a way that he was sometimes wrong by some from outside the area as CM, not Sonowal. Smart politicians, Sarma never tried to compete with Sonowal to post up and there was a friendly relationship between the two, at least in public.

In 2019, ahead of the general election, Sarma had shown his intention to leave state politics and shifted the base to New Delhi, where he could play a greater role. But BJP’s leadership decided to oppose it. However, in a rare movement, BJP President Amit Shah issued a statement that the party needed Sarma services in the poll campaign in the northeast and was unable to make it limited to only one seat.

Sarma has represented a continuous Jalukbari seat since 2001 and this time, the party gave him a ticket from the chair. With the high command BJP does not project the face of cm for this election, the rumors are abundant that Sarma can be given that role.

Sarma has become the brain behind most social welfare schemes from the Sonowal government such as ₹ 830 per month to 2.2 million households and cash incentives and grants for various parts of society. But his role as Minister of Health in the past year, when he oversees establishing large Covid care centers, increasing infrastructure in hospitals and personally visiting the quarantine centers to oversee the care given to those infected ones has made it a headline and his admiration from His criticism.

For this election, Sarma specifically targets congresses and alliance partners of all India United Democrats (AIUDF), two main opposition parties in Assam who formed a large alliance along with former Ally Bodoland.

Ending AIDF as an important factor in this election, Sarma accused the head, Baron Parfum and Lok Sabha MP Badruddin Ajmal, as an enemy Assam and Culture Assam. He openly stated that BJP does not need the sound of ‘Miyas’ (Muslims speak Bengali from East Pakistan Espertama).

In addition to politics and government, Sarma is interested in sports and is a writer. He has written four books to date, the latest was released in February ahead of the assembly poll. He is also the President of the Indian Badminton Association (BAI).

Sarma Riniki’s wife Bhuyan Sarma is the Chair and Managing Director of Pride East Entertainment who has several TV channels, daily newspapers and magazines. The couple has sons and daughters.

“The height of Sarma to the CM post came for some time and he was doing it by sending items for the party time and again. He already has a fort at BJP and from time to time, it succeeded in becoming his own brand that cuts part parties and the community,” Kusustubh Deka, Professor of political science at Dibrugarh University, said.

“After the disaster of the poll in West Bud, the leadership of BJP realized the importance of having a strong regional leader and also listened to local voices. That was the reason why instead of imposing a leader, he decided to go with land reality and even put aside what was called opposition by RSS to the height of Sarma to the top post, “he added.


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