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How Beginning Bloggers Make Money – 10 Things Bloggers MUST try


what’s up you guys this is Professor Ron with one our professor comm and as a beginning blogger one of the biggest questions that people usually have is when are they going to start making money and I get it right because sure having a blog is cool and maybe you’re even enjoying writing as a hobby but at the end of the day it’s always going to just be a hobby unless you start to make real money so this video is specifically focused 100% on helping beginning bloggers understand different ways in which they can make their first 100 dollars and the way that I’ve done this is I have created a list of ten different proven methods that’ll help you do so that being said let’s go ahead and get started so before.

How Beginning Bloggers Make Money
How Beginning Bloggers Make Money

I begin I just want to say that I understand your situation and I understand it perfectly because in 2014 I was in the exact same position okay so the difference between me and some other people I actually logged my experiences as I went so let me go ahead and share my screen real quick here so you can see this is my website when our professor comm and you can go right here you can learn the truth about online business and get a free course but that’s not why you’re here what I want to show you is the income report section so this income report section is really important because it actually shows all the way since 2014 this is the income.

I was barely making any income every month

month after month and even up here when I started making income it was actually from consulting when I had had my own blog and had really started out with everything so I get it I understand how difficult it is for beginning bloggers to make money because you don’t have a huge audience and you’re just trying to kind of grow now I have since then grown last year I was able to make over $200,000 not just with the one on our professor blog but my whole portfolio of different blogs and websites so I understand not only what it’s like to be at the beginning but I also understand what it takes to get bigger and how to scale at multiple time’s over okay and I’m not telling you how much,

I’ve made to gloat I’m telling you because I really understand this so I know where you’re at and I really get it so let’s go ahead and jump into the list so that you could see how beginning bloggers can actually make some piece of money okay number one is affiliate income so for those that don’t know basically on the internet if you take a link to a particular product or service that you like and you link to it in your own blog and people click on that link and go and buy something from your link then you will get a commission okay so this is a great great way to make some money in the beginning because you don’t need a ton of people coming to your website to do it it could just take a hundred total people to come to your website and within that hundred people if one person clicks and actually purchases one of the products that you recommend then you.

can make some money!

that way and I’d say in the first year of any blog that you have it’s going to be difficult to get a lot of traffic to the blog so this is a great way to make some money so where is it that you find different affiliate programs how do you find these so there’s a few different places first is share a sale comm and there is links to all this below by the way but the first is Shearer sale comm and this is a place it is an affiliate network so it’s a bunch of different affiliates that join this and then.

you can basically go to their apply to be in their programs and see it all in the one interface which is nice so share sale comm is one next is commission junction comm again link below and that is a place it’s again another affiliate network and you can see all of the different affiliates there and you can apply to them and join those you can also use Amazon so just Amazon comm not everyone knows this but Amazon if you link from your blog to a particular product let’s say a camera or a phone and you like it and you say here’s the one that,

I use if somebody who is a reader of your blog ghost

your blog and clicks on that link and purchases it you’ll make a commission from that physical product as well so it’s not just software and things like that a lot of different companies have this and lastly I just want to say with with affiliate stuff if you are looking and there’s a software that you really like or something like and you’re like I’d love to recommend this to people but I want to make money check online on Google all you have to do is do product name or software name affiliate program and most of the time they’re already gonna,

have an affiliate program for you so how do you get started with this this is really pretty easy so generally speaking you want to probably have your your blog at about 25 to 50 people visiting a day you need this because in order to get approved for any affiliate program you have to have some traffic otherwise they’re gonna look at you and say well you don’t have traffic so we’re not going to approve you and then you can’t even have the chance to sell anything but if you have that traffic then what you want to do is you want to make a list of products that you use the products that you like the things that you’re a big fan of make a list of those products and then just sign up to their affiliate programs go and apply it takes probably 5 to 10 minutes to apply to each affiliate program takes a little bit of time but you can apply to all the different affiliate programs let them know a little bit about you about your website.

how it’s growing how it’s doing

really well and you’ll be able to get accepted by those programs and then you just really create content it’s all about at that point creating content that will really target people looking for that particular product right a good example that I always give is reviews and tutorials you’ll see this on the one on our professor YouTube and also the website that I’ll do reviews and tutorials for different software that I like usually not always but usually these are affiliate programs and if somebody clicks through my link I end up getting purchased or getting a commission for that and as always I appreciate the support from you guys but it basically is a way it’s a win-win-win so the company gets me to do a review and tutorial I get to educate my own you know audience about this stuff and then you guys find out a cool product that,

I like and just as a little cherry on top if you click through the link then I get a commission and you could do that too on your own blog it’s just here I do it with software but there’s a ton of different ways to do affiliate stuff next is consulting so consulting it’s pretty simple if there is a specific skill that you have so I’m in the online business niche and online marketing so I had that skill when I got into this but you could be in a lot of different areas to where you have a specific skill and if you have a blog on it you can basically offer yourself as a consultant for different businesses out there now.

I started this way

I will say when I left my full-time job or when I was leaving I basically told them hey I’m willing to become a consultant for you if you guys need it luckily they took me up on that offer and I needed that huh from the beginning but your current or most recent employer is a great way to do this you basically turn to them and if you have a certain skill that they need you say hey I would love to work as a consultant here if you want to YOU KNOW try to leave your job and get into a blogging full-time or even if you do it on the side and you’re like I’m tired of it I just want to dive in you can reach out to them and tell them hey  I’d love to just be a consultant for you guys for right now,

I’m trying to start my own thing depending on the employer right some won’t be really receptive to this but some will be so in terms of actually starting it that’s a great way to start it really the key here is that you need to pick a specialty okay when you’re doing consulting pick a specialty mostly this is going to be related to what you did professionally prior to that okay so wherever you’re employed there’s gonna be skills there that you have pick that as a specialty or something closely related to that and then you want what you really want to do is you want to have your blog,

you want to create a page on your blog and make it so that on that page there’s a form

that people can fill out to contact you if they need your help for the consulting okay then you want to market yourself with your social media and your website website it’s a good idea put in the navigation have it right there front and center YOU KNOW we’re having on the homepage to hire you as a consultant if that’s where you’re at in your business that’s fine I did it in the past so there’s nothing wrong with that then what you need to do is basically after you have it out there and people are aware of it and people are hitting your website then you’re going to start getting enquiries so you need to gather those leads and determine who is the best fit of all those inquiries and then what I will say is make sure that whenever,

you get someone and they have actually YOU KNOW hired you as a consultant do your absolute best this should go without saying but it’s really important do your absolute best because if you do really well by them they’re much more likely to refer you to other people and when they do that then you can start charging higher and higher prices and over time you’ll be able to easily make a living just through consulting along number three is selling an info product so this could be a PDF it could be plans or structions it could be an e-book it doesn’t really matter the idea here is that you have an info product on your website that people when they’re browsing through your website they can click to buy that info product okay

so how do you actually start this it’s really not that complicated

what you want to do is you want to pick a topic that’s complementary to what your website visitors would want to see so the content on your website something that your website visitors would want to get so for me as an example I focus on an online business so in my own blog it would make sense for me to maybe have a a book on the the best practices of affiliate marketing as an example and people would then see that ebook within my content about affiliate marketing on my blog and then they would click to actually purchase that particular ebook so you really want to pick a topic that’s complementary to what your website visitors will get something that they’re gonna be interested in then what you need to do is you need to create an outline for your book or your plans and instructions you need to really think high level what is it that!

I need to do in order to make this work I highly highly advise this because when you do this you’ll think it through before you actually create it next you have to write the info product and you wanna what I think is probably the best way of doing this focus on completing a little bit each day don’t think I’m going to complete it all in one day not a good idea focus on each day for maybe a week or two weeks or a month and do a little bit each day and then at the end you’ll have a really nice product that is very polished as well and then you need to choose a place to sell it so your website is a number one place obviously that’s a great place to do it usually it’s gonna be where you’re gonna be able to get the most money but it’s hard because you’ll have very little traffic so your conversions and things.

YOU KNOW you’ll have to kind of figure out

how to sell it and then you also have little traffic so you just don’t have a big market yet that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it there it just means that you’ll have a smaller market so keep that in mind in addition to that you can also try Amazon so Amazon they allow you to post ebooks for sale there that’s a great place to do it you do have to pay a fee but they have a huge huge market we all know Amazon really big market and they can obviously offer a huge audience to purchase your particular info product which is good but it’s also pretty competitive so something to consider and then another one is called Clickbank link below and that is a popular platform that actually’

has other affiliates so this is a really cool place because if you have an e-book that YOU KNOW you you get people in and it converts pretty well then other affiliates might say oh I want to you know if you’re offering them enough money per sale like 50% of the the price or whatever they say oh I want to promote this product because it converts well and I can make some good money with it so then they’ll actually promote it for you so that’s a great place to launch it as well you can launch it in all three places if you’d like to do that there’s nothing that says that you can’t do that but you just need to figure out where you want to launch it and go with it from there the next step is if you sell on your website one thing.

I do want to say just a little hint use Gumroad okay

this is a platform it’s nice because it allows you to put a price and then people can quickly just put in a credit card checkout and they’re done the other thing that’s neat about it is that they had to pay what you want model so if you’re not sure of the pricing you can actually just say YOU KNOW oh you know you can pay what you want but the typical average amount that people pay is $20 or $30 or whatever it is this actually works I actually had someone just a few hours ago who gave me $50 with the pay what you want model it does work and if you’re not sure where to price it that’s a really good way to kind of test things out and the last step to it once it’s all set up is you need to market your product so across your blog obviously,

you want to market this info product you’ve created tell people about it try to get them to the pages to actually purchase it in addition to that you could do it on social media Pinterest Instagram Facebook groups wherever it is that you’re active on social media it’s a great place to tell people about your info product and hopefully get some people to actually buy it number four is to sell a course so this goes without saying if you have a blog on a particular topic that you’re getting readers and visitors to look at your information they’re going to look at you as the expert and when they do that you can find a way to sell a course to them.

you need to create the course

which takes a little bit of time but once you create that course and you have it there they will be happy to buy it as long as you’ve shown them that you’re an expert so how do you start this it’s really not as difficult as you may think so the first thing is you want to choose a course topic that’s relevant to your blog okay so again with me I have all about online business on my own blog it would make sense for me to make a course on affiliate marketing because it’s all related next you want to outline your course and think of exercises along the way now for those that don’t know this I am a college professor on the side of this whole online business stuff I still teach and I know from personal experience that!

usually having exercises along the way will make people retain the information more and it also has a higher perceived value so having those exercises along the way is a really big deal so you want to kind of outline the course kind of figure what you want to do and you also want to at this point like this video if you haven’t already and subscribe to the channel so that you don’t miss out on future content I’d appreciate it but the next thing is you want to film your course now your production value it can just be powerpoints with you talking over them it can be but that’s pretty boring quite frankly so don’t be scared to grab.

your phone and actually record

yourself talking through different things or maybe a whiteboard try to kind of change it up because if it’s just a PowerPoint with no YOU KNOW no face nothing interacting nothing really interactive with it it gets a little bit boring so try to make it interesting and enjoyable for the people that are taking it and then number four is you need to decide where to sell your course you can do it the way I’ve kind of broke into us three different ways so you can do it on your own website which is hard to sell because you have a limited amount of people but it’s nice because you might be able to push them into that content and get them to actually purchase the course right then in there but,

you have to figure out a funnel right that’s one of the things you have to figure out how to get the people to actually purchase but a nice thing is you’ll usually have a higher price point because it’s on your own website your own YOU KNOW the email information everything else so it is nice in the sense that you keep them in your own ecosystem to do this the next alternative to that is you to me okay so you to me is a place it’s a huge marketplace of courses I used to make like five hundred bucks a month there this is a great place because it has a huge huge amount of students YOU KNOW millions of students there and they’ll actually market your courses for you but the problem is with you to me a lot of the courses.

you’ll only sell them for $10 a piece because udemy

was kind of built on discounts and most students including myself if I ever want something I just wait until they go on sale for ten bucks which is really really often so that’s one of the problems is that you’ll get a low sales price for courses if you do it that way generally speaking the other alternative and what I usually recommend instead if you have it on your own website it’s kind of a headache to do that if you haven’t unmuted me you’re not selling it for an awful so what I like and link is below is a platform called think if ik okay so think if ik is nice because they’ll give you a store and if you look on the one our professor website,

I have my free course that is all offered through well that’s actually offered through email by full course is offered on think effec so it’s nice because it’s good for the text set up it takes all the headaches out of where do I put my videos how do I have all these modules built out where do I put everything it takes all that headache out of it and the nice thing is think if ik actually has a free plan which is really cool because you can create your course on their platform you can have it there it has some limited functionality but it allows you to have a full course there and you can use their platform for free including the hosting of the videos and everything which is really really cool so after you’ve chosen where you want to host it like except.

I recommend that you use think if ik it’s what I use myself

then you will actually set up the course and you’ll go through the whole process of uploading videos and and practice materials and everything that you need to do to actually create the course and then you have to promote it right so promoting it again using your own blog telling people about on your blog linking to it in your own blog having people look on Pinterest and doing it there anywhere that your audience is it doesn’t really matter wherever your audience’s at this point your,

beginning blog or wherever your audience is hitting you up from wherever they’re there at let them know don’t be too pushy with it don’t shove it in their face but make them aware of the fact that you have a new course you’ve created next is Google Adsense display ads and I don’t love this one for beginners because in the beginning you’re not gonna have a lot of traffic and to really really be successful with Adsense display ads you need a lot of traffic now me for instance I make quite a bit of money every single month again you can check my income reports to see all that stuff but that is where the majority of my money comes from it is from display it’s but that’s because I have a whole portfolio of websites and I Drive a lot of traffic every month so how do you start with this this is pretty easy really.

I recommend that you start and you sign up with Adsense

again link below to start up with Adsense and you put ads on your website which sounds complicated but it’s super simple all you have to do is copy some code that Google gives you put it onto your website and they will automatically show the ads and your your blog for you it’s super simple to do next you need to promote the current content that you have to social media and make sure that people are aware that you have this content get some eyeballs on it and then what happens also what you need to do here is you need to try to create new content so that you get it ranked in the search engines so in other words YOU KNOW someone searches something in your at the top of Google that’s really where you want to be and these ads these aren’t the ones we have to go direct and talk to all these people to find,

YOU KNOW what deals it’s pretty simple these are just the ads that you see them on websites all the time most of the websites you go to they have the little ads and you may think well I don’t click on those ads no one clicks on those that’s actually a lot of people click on those ads and I am the whole house thing where I am right now it was purchased with ad revenue so a lot of people actually click on those so this is a great way to make money because it’s really passive but the problem is is that especially in the beginning you’re not gonna have a ton of traffic that first year so you’re blogging you’re not gonna have a ton of traffic so you may make some money you know maybe 5 10 15 bucks a month or whatever which is nice but at the end of the day.

you’re not gonna make a ton of money

but it is still a way to make money for beginning bloggers next is to become a freelance writer so think of this as your blog is your resume right your blogging everyday is beginning blogger you’re going you’re writing all this stuff and that’s great and you’re doing hopefully a really good job you’re contributing a lot and showing your expertise so your blog is your resume and what you want to do is when you are looking for freelance writing gigs is you want to focus on blogs in the same or possibly a shoulder niche okay so the same niche is tough because you don’t want to necessarily write for your competitors right because you might make better content than YOU KNOW you can you you would be able to do well with you might make it for them which kind of stinks so what you can do as a shoulder niche so the example that I like to give is if you write about cats on your blog let’s say,

you’ll blog all about cats for some reason you’re obsessed with cats and you write about it what you could do is you can create content about other websites with other animals so maybe a dog blog right a dog website you can create content there it’s totally fine to do that right so you would do that and then how do you actually get started with it not that difficult so you choose a focus okay you definitely want to choose a focus don’t be one of those those writers that says.

I can write for anything nobody

wants that they want you to be a niche writer for example pets is a perfect niche right there’s a lot of work out there for that one so you want to choose a focus from there you need to find jobs there’s a few different places to find jobs you can go to upwork.com which is a huge marketplace for freelancers and where a lot of people like myself go to hire writers you can go there you can go to Facebook groups and communities at different communities that you find a lot of people in those looking for writers there’s a lot of them out there you can go ahead and join some of those you can talk to your professional network,

so with people that you have worked with in the past or maybe even that you still work at work with you can talk to them within the industry and say hey YOU KNOW whatever your expertise is do you guys need a writer for your blog I’m trying to kind of do a side hustle thing here and a lot of times if you’re if you’re a respected expert they’ll actually take you up on that which is pretty nice if not that you can also go to pro bloggers they have their own job board which is really good and a great place to find writers for people like myself that have blogs and websites that are looking for them and then lastly’

you can work in an agency so there are agencies out there where all they do is they help people create content for their own blog or their own website right you can become someone who works for them maybe part-time or full-time the thing about this is you’re not gonna make as much money because you’re really working for them but it’s a good way to get your foot in the door what you need to do from there is you need to build a portfolio.

your writing clients right start

creating examples create content for other people and start putting a portfolio together and then as you become a more seasoned freelance writer what you can do is you can start charging more right for your services and once you have all those examples people will be willing to pay your increased rates and then your old clients that you’ve had you can either ask them for a raise or you can start to drop them and over time you can actually make a pretty good amount of money just being a freelance writer number seven is to create a membership community so this is something where you basically have let’s say you have a small blog and YOU KNOW a couple hundred people maybe a week or whatever are visiting what you could do is you can offer a community now with the community the thing is you basically create a membership and you say okay.

it’s five bucks a month ten bucks a month 15 twenty or whatever it is and you may not get a lot of money at first but you got to think over time if you have 20 30 40 50 people in that community all paying a monthly fee that actually can add up right that can really add up pretty quick so the thing with this is first off to actually how you can start with it you need to figure out the incentives so don’t create a community and sell the incentives are they’ll be part of the community like that could be a nice you know bonus to it but you they need more than that right maybe they get specific time with you maybe you hold office hours every week maybe you give them offers or access to special tools maybe there’s the community aspect to it which is a part of the sale maybe there are courses that you’ve created or info products you’ve created within it you have to offer them some value and consistently deliver that value in order for them to want to stay as part of the membership community in terms of platforms there’s really two that,

I like so first is you can do just strain straight-up Facebook groups okay

so you create a Facebook group you have them in there they have to pay every month in order to retain their membership there it can be a bit of a headache because when you have that you have to make sure that they are paying their fees and you have to check all that manually to sync it up with Facebook and say okay are all the members that are there they all paid if they’re not you have to contact kind of a DAT kind of a nightmare the other one is you can use learn – which again link is below this is a learning management platform but basically it allows you this would be some where you create an info product or you would create a course,

you’d have it in there and then you can create a community all around that with this platform okay so it’s really good for WordPress websites it’s really good for this so you you have to choose your platform right and after you’ve done that you then want to market the platform to your audience to let your audience know through your blog posts through your website through your navigation hey we had this community and if you’d like to join here’s how you can do it let them know that and they will sign up with recurring billing that is key because.

you want that recurring billing so

you keep getting the money from all the different people that are joining and you need to like I said provide value and encourage engagement because if you don’t do that people aren’t going to stay and if people don’t stay you’re not gonna get paid so you need to make sure you do that you also need to make sure that if you haven’t already that you click the like button and subscribe to this video I’d appreciate it number eight is to offer a package service so this is kind of like consulting but a little bit different so a package service would be something to where you advertise on your blog hey,

I can do this particular thing for you every single month at a retainer and this is what it will be so examples would be social media services like you’ll handle their Instagram or their Pinterest or writing services maybe you’ll do content production or you’ll be a copywriter for him or YOU KNOW for like a virtual assistant package and say YOU KNOW I can help ten hours a month and or ten hours a week and I can get paid X amount of hours the idea is to create a a predetermined package service that you can offer to people and they will then see it and if they take you up on that offer obviously then.

you’ll get a new client the key with this show them some proof

that YOU KNOW what you’re doing right testimonials are really big here make sure that they understand that YOU KNOW what you’re doing so how do you get started with it so first you want to figure out a fixed cost that works for the way that you do your services so if you’re doing Pinterest management figure out exactly what it is that you’re gonna do and then figure out a fixed cost related to your deliverables right define what step to do this is defining what the offer is so make sure that you set strict guidelines tell them exactly what they’re gonna get because if you don’t tell them exactly they may expect a lot more which is no good next is just create a page on your website or your blog in the navigation tell people about it also calls to action throughout pieces of content that you write that’s always a good thing to do market it in future blog posts and on social media,

so you have to then get it the word out there right put it in the content you already have but also make sure that marketed in future content that you’re creating sign your clients up for a monthly retainer say hey I’ll do these services this is a monthly retainer cost what do you think YOU KNOW you’ll have a little bit but you can figure it out take on as many clients as you want and make sure that you do really quality work because what’s going to happen is as with consulting and other things they’re gonna start referring other people over to you and once they are doing that then you’re in really good shape because you can start increasing.

your price over time and continually

offer the services and then maybe outsource the services and YOU KNOW grow a whole business from it but that’s a whole different video on a different discussion number nine is to create a paid directory on your blog so this is something I talked about that not too many people are familiar with but the idea that I’ll give here is let’s say that you have a blog about fitness you create a directory and what it is is personal trainers in your area or local gyms in your area so here’s how you would go about doing this so you would I do want to say one thing be careful not to do too much of this because’

I’ve had a website that I did this quite a bit probably too much and Google kind of just thought

I was a directory which was not a good thing so you want you could do a little bit of this so so the way it works is that you find local businesses that advertise in Google go into Google search YOU KNOW gyms for example let’s search for small gyms and you would just go into there and you would find different gyms that are advertising in Google from there you gather data on the businesses right you try to figure out data that would be helpful for somebody that’s looking for a gym you put that all together and then you create a directory on your website with their info so you put their info for the one gym and the next gym in the next gym and you just put a bunch of listings after you have done that you then contact them and say hey can you confirm your information I built this directory.

I just want people to know these are the best

CrossFit gyms in our area I’ll keep going with that example they would then say okay YOU KNOW and they would approve it hopefully and you’d be all good once they have done that then you tell them okay great and just so YOU KNOW if you want to move to the top of the page and get a paid placement this is the cost this is how much it is every month you don’t have to you’ll retain your spot but if you ever want to get to the top if you’re ever looking for members I can help you out with that if you’re able to get that particular page ranked high in Google for best craft CrossFit gyms in your area you can actually make a good amount of money with a paid director on your blog it’s not super easy to do but if you’re able to do that it’s a really really beautiful thing once it’s there and the last way that beginning bloggers can make money on their blog when they’re starting out is to be a coach now,

I do have to say something do not be a phony coach don’t be one of those people that says I’m a life coach if you don’t even have your own life together right or I’m a marketing coach or a business coach if you don’t even have your own business together don’t be one of those people the internet is full of those people it drives me insane but if you have prior experience in your professional life or you’re currently in your professional life you still have experience with it if you have that expertise and that experience you can become successful as a coach you just have to have real success.

prior to offering your services

don’t just say oh YOU KNOW don’t create a blog and create 10 blog posts and then become a blog coach some people do that it just sickens me because it’s like you’re not really a blog coach you’re just a little bit ahead of that other person and people shouldn’t be doing that because they’re just giving bad advice but here’s how you can start that right so first off have some level of measured success before you go down this path I have to say it again make sure that you have some level of measured success that you really know what you’re talking about and that you can give really good advice to other people if that is the case then what you want to do is you want to take your blog and you want to focus your content strategy on people who need the help right so you want to write blog posts that answer the questions that they,

may have you have to think in their head but answer questions that they may have focus on stressful issues that they’re dealing with focus on the pain points that they have think in their head what is it that they’re dealing with tailor your content to that what’s going to happen there on the posts they’re gonna come there from from search engines hopefully and then what you can do is you can offer personal help and a link to a contact page where they can then click and they can you know fill out their.

information and send a an email over to you from there

you receive your emails and you offer your services to them maybe do a package deal it depends on what you want to do what I like to do is usually I’ll have one meeting at a reasonable price right and I’ll say okay this is the the initial call this is the cost will have 1 this is how long it’ll be and then after that you kind of offer them like a session package like okay from here usually,

I offer 3 to 4 sessions this is the way it works the thing is in that first call make sure that you answer the questions but make sure that you find out other things that they need from you in the future you need to figure out in that first call okay you have this in this mess but we also need these 5 other things and to get these 5 other things we have to have more calls because frankly we can’t do it all in one hour it would just overload them anyway so that’s a good way to go about doing that next you book clients you treat them really well and referrals will come from that just like anything in business if you do it well more referrals will come to you and help you even more so that’s it you guys .

I hope that you enjoyed?

this one this is my list of 10 proven methods that will help you make your first $100 as a beginning blogger if you have questions as always please leave a comment I am happy to answer all the questions that you guys have I’d love to hear them and if you haven’t already please like this video and subscribe to the channel I appreciate what you guys do that liking the video make sure other people can find it and subscribing make sure that you are part of my community and as always I love when people join my community and I thank you guys all you subscribers who have been here from for a long time and all the new ones for all the support that being said guys thanks so much for watching and I will see you in the next one



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