How unruly farmers tried to embarrass India on Republic Day


The farmers who were transmitted through the tractor were a few minutes from the Indian gate when they were blocked by the New Delhi police.


While Delhi police will release photos and videos of farmers who are difficult to regulate involved in the tractor rally, there is evidence to show that the group of agitators all come out to disturb 2021 Republic Day and cause international shame to the Modi government.

After capping with police and intelligence officials, The Hindustan Times had learned that farmer groups violated all the conditions and routes agreed upon in their meeting with the opponent of Delhi police with the aim of disturbing the parade.

There is evidence to show that the mass of farmers on the tractor 45 strong horsepower has reached Bhairon Road at 10:45 a.m. and only four minutes from breaking the parade. This agitator violated the Ghazipur border in East Delhi at 9 am and moved NH 24 via Nizamuddin Bridge. If the new Delhi police did not block Bhairon Marg with bus barriers, the Republican Day Parade would be disturbed by farmers who were difficult to bring to national flags and religions.

According to the top police officers, after being blocked into C-Hexagon in India in Bhairon Marg, the agitators moved towards the points at the intersection of Ito and the Point W next to the Supreme Court at 11:30 a.m., with a parade of only a few minutes. far from being violated. Again, the presence of two DCPs thoughts saved the day when the bus barrier was deployed, as a result of which the horde moved towards the red fortress. The range of New Delhi managed to hold the Fort India gate not only during the parade but also while at home in Rashtrapati Bhawan.

While Brass Police Delhi was examining how the North, East and West borders were violated despite previous instructions from the Delhi Police Commissioner, S N Shrivastava, in fact 394 police were injured and the number rose. Apart from all provocations, including the religious flag was appointed by farmers who were difficult to manage, Delhi police carried out a total restraint and did not open a fire in a horde. “While a number of senior police officers believed that shots should open at least at Tarn Taran Youth who lifted the religious flag above the Red Fortress, others said that restraints were better choices. We have registered a case, identifying those involved and notifications will now be sent Under the Indian Criminal Code (IPC) includes the wisdom of the national monument and disrespect to the national flag, “said the top police officer in anonymous condition to Hindustan’s time.

Police Commissioner Delhi Shrivastava met the Special Commissioner this morning and was decided to throw legal books on elements that were difficult to arrange and anti-social. For this reason, Delhi’s police are very reluctant to enable tractors in Delhi and be warned by others that farmers who are nervous in Tikri, Singhu and Ghazipur will say the law. The land-farmer, during the past week, has told Delhi police they want to march in Rajpath, it is possible to damage the same area as carried out during the protest led by Mahendra Singh’s agricultural leader in 1988.

After agreeing to start the tractor parade on the designated route, farmers who are difficult to arrange began to attack concrete barriers as early as 8 in the morning and surrender to the tractor to provoke Delhi police.

“We have 394 injured police. But it has Delhi police given to provocation and firing even in men who lift the religious flag, everyone will blame us by playing farmers as an innocent victim. It will not be important for anyone. This difficult regulated uses a tractor to run police officers and personnel, “said a special senior police commissioner Delhi.


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