‘In India, we haven’t done enough…’: Jaishankar calls for support for MSMEs


Foreign Minister S Jaishankar called for support to domestic business, especially micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) on Friday. “This realization is very sharp in India. We need to defend our business and that does not mean only big business, it means MSME,” Jaishankar said, according to Ani’s news agency.

Jaishankar was addressing the fifth Asia Economic Dialogue (AED) 2021
Jaishankar was addressing the fifth Asia Economic Dialogue (AED) 2021

The Minister insists that it is the responsibility of the government to support domestic business and that India has so far been not done in this matter. “Today’s people expect the government to look at them. Not only Indian diplomacy business to do business, this is a government business to support business. Every government in the world does that, we in India not enough and I think it changes,” he said like Quoted by Ani.

Jaishankar discusses the economic dialogue of Asia Fifth (AED) 2021, which theme this year is the ‘post covid-19 dynamics of global and financial trade’. The conference saw international participation from foreign ministers from a number of countries, senior bureaucrats, industry leaders and global financial experts, according to Ani.

In a separate virtual event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also talked about the scheme intended to elevate small businesses in this country. “India which is relatively independent will be made of our MSME, will be made from our startup. That is why the scheme is specifically formulated for MSMEs during Covid-19 pandemic where around 90 lakh companies have been given credit worth 2.4 trillion,” he said while handling webinars In aspects related to financial services in this year’s budget, presented by Finance Minister Union Nirmala Sitharaman earlier this month.

“India which is relatively independent will not consist of only large industries or major cities. In a relatively independent Indian village, small entrepreneurs in small cities will consist of the hard work of ordinary Indians. This will consist of farmers, units Make agricultural products better, “added Modi.


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