Infiltration across LoC down by 70%, says Chinar Corps commander


The senior military commander on Sunday said that the infiltration crossed the LOC (LOC) in Jammu and Kashmir had reduced 70% compared to last year.

Infiltration across LoC
Commander of General Official (GOC) 15 Strategic Corps Army, Lt BS Gen Raju said that the situation in the Actual Control Line (LAC) in the Ladakh sector is stable and the forces are in full control of the LOC.

“This year we have been able to reduce infiltration of more than 70% compared to last year. As far as the situation in Lac is related, the officers responsible for the region have made an adequate disclosure of the situation. I have to say that it is stable. Here in our Loc. In full control and prepared for all possibilities, “he said in the video distributed in the Chinar Corps Twitter handle.

GOC said that the Loc was silent because of heavy snowfall in the border area.

“The control line remains quite active because Pakistan desires to encourage terrorists and do damage in our developed area. Currently because of the level of snow, the infiltration area must have shrunk a little so that some sanity wins at the LOC at this time,” he said.

He said that violations of ceasefenses from the other side were basically to help terrorists s diving.

“Responding to us targeting terrorist launch pads and also those who support infiltration, especially advanced enemy posts. We know the design of Pakistan and we have a plan to maintain full control on the LOC,” he said.

The corps commander said that the counter troop infiltration system included not only soldiers but including modern technology.

“I can say with a fair belief that today we have a strong counter-infiltration lattice based on the anti-infiltration barrier system – a combination of physical barriers, the soldiers who keep it and technology to detect and neutralize. This is something that passes the hard snow every year but We return it to ensure its efficacy in the summer, “he said.


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