Internet suspended till Jan 31 at border areas in Delhi amid farmers’ protest


The center on Saturday puts temporary conscription on internet services in Singhu, Ghazipur, and Tikri and their area side by side until 11:00, January 31, to “maintain public security and avoid public emergencies”.

deli police

This was the second suspension that occurred in a week, the first suspension was dropped on January 26, as soon as the farmer tractor march deviated from the routes and entered the capital, which led to Mayo and the Red Fortress. Internet services are suspended in several areas in Punjab and Haryana too.

“If the administration thinks that by suspending internet services they will be able to stop movement, they are very wrong. The more they want to hit the voices of farmers, the greater the protest will leave,” said a spokesman Bharatiya Kisan Uni Rakesh Tikait.

On Friday, Temper rises on the Singhu border, which is the main site of farmers’ protests since November, because clashes broke out among farmers and a group of people who came to overthrow farmers. The two groups involved in throwing stones while Delhi police must fire a few rounds of tea gas shells. During the clash, Delhi Police Sho Pradeep Paliwal was attacked.

The group of people claimed themselves as locals, even though AAP said they were BJP era. Border Tikri also witnessed riots on Friday as a group of around 50 people tried to approach the place of farmers protesting. But the situation is immediately controlled.

After the clash Friday in Singhu, Delhi police said they had arrested 44 people, including men who attacked Sho with swords.

On the Republican day, internet interference affected many parts of Delhi and the service was only restored the next day. Protesters at the border point, however, complained that internet services were not fully restored to them after the Republican day.

The Ghazipur protest site remained peaceful, although the crowd swelled there because some farmers joined the site after spokesman Bharatiya Kisan Uni Rakesh, the emotional attraction of Rakesh Viral. On Saturday morning, the internet was slowly reported from Ghazipur too, before MHA ordered a temporary suspension.

The March tractor taken by farmers on the Republican Day became a flame point in a very peaceful protest when a group of protesters entered the capital, clashed with the police in Ito, marching to the red fortress and raised Nishan Sahib on it. The incident puts the leaders of farmers under fire even though they accused the BJP conspiracy to thwart their “peace” movement.

After the Republican Day incident, the Uttar Pradesh police moved a group of protesters from Baghpat. A similar step was arrested at the Ghazipur protest site when Ghaziabad’s district administration asked the demonstrators to empty the area. However, the protesters had not given up and more protesters joined in the last few days.


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