IPL 2021 Live Cricket Score, CSK vs DC: Curran falls on last ball, Chennai post 188/7 in 20 overs


CSK vs DC live score, IPL 2021 Match 2 Update: Rishabh Pant’s Delhi Capitals won the Admen against Ms. Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings in the second game from the 2021 edition of the Indian Premier League. Follow the live score and update IPL 2021, CSK vs DC.

IPL 2021 Live Cricket Score
IPL 2021 Live Cricket Score

CSK vs DC, IPL 2021 Direct score: Avesh Khan cleaned MS Dhoni for the right duck after Suresh Raina finished for 54. Tom Curran cheated Ambati Rayudu with slow delivery, and he attacked in the air just to carry Shikhar Dhawan. Moeen Ali began to look dangerous when he slid the ball from Ashwin in the air and was arrested by Dhawan. Ruturaj Gaikwad adolded full delivery from Chris Woakes and was arrested by Dhawan at the first slip. Avesh provided Delhi’s capital, the initial breakthrough as he fired FF DU PLESSIS LBW for ducks. DC Won DC Rishabh Won against CSK MS Dhoni in the second game from the 2021 edition of the Indian Premier League.

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APR 10, 2021 09:14 PM IST

End of inning!

Go! Sam Curran was cleaned by Chris Woakes on the last ball of the innings. Chennai Super Kings Post 188/7 in 20 overs.

The capital of Delhi needs 189 to win.

10 Apr 2021 09:09 PM ist

Woakes to the final bowl

23 runs behind. Sam Curran is on fire today!

Four! The first ball and woakes are hammerd for the limits on the first ball itself.

10 Apr 2021 09:05 PM ist

IPL 2021, CSK vs DC direct scores: Curran vs Curran

Six! Six! Sam Curran slammed a more complete, and shorter than his brother Tom for two back-to-back sixes!

10 Apr 2021 09:02 PM IST

Tom to Jaceja – four!

Four! Tom Curran’s bowl is short, and Ravindra Jadeja progress and pulls it hard for other limits.

10 Apr 2021 09:02 PM IST

Avesh Khan, you are beauty!

Avesh Khan completed four overs with 23/2. The first was Harshal Patel and now Avesh Khan. Most Indian fast bowler.

10 Apr 2021 08:57 PM ist

Tom to Sam – Four!

Four! Sam Curran rejected a more complete one of his brothers to deep square feet for the naughty limit. CSK reaches 150 Run Mark in 17 Overs.

10 Apr 2021 08:54 PM IST


Ms dhoni duck at IPL

0 (1) V Royals Chennai 2010

0 (2) V Daredevils Chennai 2010

0 (1) v mumbai mumbai 2015

0 (2) V Copital Mumbai 2021 *

10 Apr 2021 08:49 PM ist

Avesh Khan cleanses MS Dhoni for 0!

Go! MS Dhoni has been cut over the stumps and Avesh Khan fired CSK captain for 0, just after 2 balls. CSK 137/6.

10 Apr 2021 08:45 PM IST

Suresh Raina runs out!

What you have done Ravindra Jadeja! Jadeja called him to Fielder, and then walked quickly. Raina returned for the 2nd, and he crashed Bowler, so he returned to his fold.


Raina, meanwhile, was left out of his fold and he was running out! CSK 137/5.

10 Apr 2021 08:40 PM ist

IPL 2021 Direct Value: Stoinis to Jaceja – Four! Four!

Four! Marcus stoinis short pony, and Ravindra Jadeja plays an incredible pull shot to hit four!


Four! Naughty edges for other limits on the next ball. Jaceja is here to prove the points as well.

10 Apr 2021 08:36 PM ist

Tom Curran strikes!

Go! Throwing Rayudu hits the slow ball from Tom Curran in the air, and Shikhar Dhawan takes another catch. Access with traditional five thighs! CSK 123/4.

10 Apr 2021 08:32 PM IST

Suresh Raina Hammers 50!

Six! Marcus Stoinis made it short, and Suresh Raina pulled it maximally. He registers the flexibility of 32-ball fifty, fantastic from the left.

10 Apr 2021 08:28 PM ist

Marcus Stoinis is ran away now!

Six! And that’s not a high ball. What will happen on the free hit? Wow, four! Stoinis strikes rayudu with weapons, but it will be funny to the rope, somehow. Legbyes, but runs running!

10 Apr 2021 08:26 PM ist

Stoinis into an attack

Marcus Stoinis was included in the attack here by the captain of Rishabh with Suresh Raina attacking the lead. Can he get the breakthrough here?

10 Apr 2021 08:24 PM ist


Ashwin: 1/47 of four overs

Others: 2/32 of seven overs

– Only once Ashwin admits that more runs in IPL games – 53 of four overs play for KXIP against SRH in Mohali in 2018.

Apr 10 2021 08:23 PM IST

IPL 2021, CSK vs DC live score: Raina is raining.

SIX! Another big hit from Suresh Raina as he came forward and really destroyed Amit Mishra towards a long time for six seconds above.

Apr 10 2021 08:21 PM IST

Amit Mishra to Suresh Raina – Six!

SIX! Suresh Raina stepped up to Amit Mishra and really nailed six! Welcome back, Suresh Raina!

Apr 10, 08:18 PM IST

Ambati Rayudu left after Ashwin!

SIX! The ball is slow from Ashwin and Ambati Rayudu slog sweeps to maximum. Four six on 7 balls from off-spinner.

10 Apr 2021 08:14 PM IST

Raina joins the Sixes Party!

SIX! R Ashwin the bowl is a little short, and Suresh Raina has pulled it for another maximum. Ashwin has given 37 runs in his 3 overs.

10 Apr 2021 08:10 PM IST

IPL 2021 live score: Ashwin to Moeen – Out!

Go! Moeen Ali played one shot in the air too much – the ball flew in the air and was arrested by Shikhar Dhawan. CSK 60/3.

10 Apr 2021 08:08 PM IST

Ashwin to Moeen – Six! SIX!

SIX! Moeen Ali billed forward and he hit him for six. Ashwin was taken to the cleaners. It goes to the city center. Bring 50 for CSK!


SIX! The second is even better! Ashwin under pressure, and Moeen Ali took the items in his own hands.

10 Apr 2021 08:04 PM IST

Amit Mishra into the attack

Amit Mishra played his 150th match at the IPL. Time for several rounds of foot. Can he get a breakthrough here?

10 Apr 2021 08:02 PM IST

Ashwin hit for back-to-back boundaries!

Edged and four! Slightly switching from Ashwin, Moeen Ali passed with his shot, got excellence and had passed the third man for another limit. Ashwin proved expensive!

10 Apr 2021 08:02 PM IST

Ashwin to Moeen – Four!

R Ashwin has been taken to the border by Moeen Ali. He just left after the DC spinner, found himself, and hit him towards a very good shot!

Apr 10, 07:59 PM IST

CSK vs DC live score: interesting facts about Suresh Raina

The last time Suresh Raina got up in another position than not. 3 For Chennai Super Kings on the IPL back in the 2016 season.


(Source: CRICBuzz)

10 Apr 2021 07:56 PM IST

Stats Attack.

Attention: This email comes from outside the organization. Don’t click the link or attachment to open unless you recognize the sender and know the content is safe.

Gaikwad falls cheap again

A single digit score in a short IPL career.

Both instance vs DC he has been dismissed at 5

10 Apr 2021 07:55 PM IST

Raina attacked Ashwin.

Back-to-back boundaries of rain of raina. The first is Helpish but in the gap but there is no problem with the second. Raina went to the track and crashed into Mid for four. CSK 30/2 after 5 overs.

10 Apr 20 07:52 PM IST

Good for CSK

Moeen Ali got two limits at Avesh Khan. Only one CSK is needed after losing their opening earlier. But still DC is above. CSK 20/2 after 4 overs.

10 Apr 2021 07:50 PM IST

Moeen Ali will leave

FOUR! Brilliant shoot from the back foot of Moeen Ali. Left elegance there. Only a little short of Avesh Khan, Moeen was just on it and just punched a gap in the ring in to get this first limit.

Apr 10 2021 07:47 PM IST

Raina gets a limit!

CHANCE! Raina crashed in the air, the dive fielder towards the ball, but too far. It races to the border and he gets four instead!

Apr 10 2021 07:43 PM IST

CSK vs DC, IPL 2021 – Life!

Edged and caught! Shikhar Dhawan took the extraordinary catch on the slip and then gave the thigh five. Ruturaj Gaikwad went for 5, and CSK was two numbers.

10 Apr 2021 07:39 PM IST

Get him!

Avesh Khan has hit FAF du Plessis on the referee has given it as out. Faf du Plessis doesn’t need a review. Great goal! CSK 7/1.

10 Apr 2021 07:36 PM IST

Good first of Woakes

Chris went to a solid start. Yes, Ruturaj escapes with limits, but it says more

Apr 10 2021 07:15 PM IST

CSK vs DC, IPL 2021: Stat Attack!

5: Pants are set to become the 5th youngest captain at the IPL, if he comes out to lead DC in their first game from IPL 2021. He will be 23 years and 188 days on April 10, 2021.

O Virat Kohli (RCB) – 22 years 187 days vs. rr, 2011

O Steven Smith (PWI) – 22 years 344 days vs RCB, 2012

O Suresh Raina (CSK) – 23 years 112 days vs capitals Delhi, 2010

O Shreyas Iyer (DC) – 23 years 142 days vs KKR, 2018

· 9: With 9 four s Dhawan became the first batsman to reach 600 four in the IPL. He holds a record to hit most of four in IPL with 591 four.

· 19: Shikhar Dhawan is 19 sixes from completing 50 six for DC in the IPL – he can become the 5th Batsman to reach this landmark for DC on the IPL.

· 2: R Ashwin is 2 Wickets away from completing 250 net on T20S.

· 12: R Ashwin requires 12 more goals to complete 150 net on the IPL.

· 4: A Rahane is 4 sixes away from completing 100 sixes in T20s.

· 150: Ajinkya Rahane will play the 150th match in the IPL. If he took the field vs. csk

· 67: Ajinkya Rahana is 67 running from completing 4,000 runs on the IPL. He will be the 11th batsman to reach this landmark.

· 1: Amit Mishra is only 1 match from being 1st player to represent DC in 100 matches in the League (IPL + CLT20).

· 2: Umesh Yadav is 2 Wickets away from completing 150 net on T20S.

· 7: Umesh Yadav is 7 Wickets away from completing 50 goals for DC on IPL. He will be the 3rd DC Bowler after Mishra (100), K Rabada (61) to select 50 net for DC on the IPL.

· 28: Tom Curran is 28 run away from completing 1,000 running on T20s.

· 15: Tom Curran is 15 crawling from completing 100 four in T20s.

· 9: Tom Curran is 9 catches from completing 50 catches on T20s.

· 25: Rishabh pants are 25 crawling from completing 300 four in T20s.

· 17: Rishabh pants are 17 crawling from completing 200 quarters in the IPL – he can become the 2nd player to reach this landmark for DC on the IPL after Virender Sehwag (266).

· 7: Rishabh pants are 7 catches from completing 50 catches as Wicketkeeper in the IPL – it can be Wicketkeeper 1 to reach this landmark for DC on the IPL.

· 18: Prithvi Shaw is 18 crawling from completing 150 four throughout the T20S.

· 174: Prithvi Shaw is 174 running away from completing 1,000 runs at IPL (all for DC) – it can be the 9th BATSMAN for DC with 1,000+ running on the IPL.

· 1: Prithvi Shaw is 1 four far from completing 100 four in the IPL (all for DC) – it can be the 7th Batsman for DC with 100+ four in the IPL.

· 175: Marcus Stoinis is 175 running away from completing 1,000 runs at IPL.

· 6: Marcus Stoinis is 6 crawling from completing 400 four in T20s.

· 9: Marcus Stoinis is 9 catches to complete 50 catches on T20s.

· 16: Marcus Stoinis is 16 Sixes from completing 50 six in the IPL.

· 20: Shimron Hetmyer is 20 sixes from completing 100 six in T20S.

· 6: Shimron Hetmyer is 6 catches from completing 50 catches on T20S.

· 2014: Last time C Pujara appeared on the IPL.

· 14: With 14 six more six Ms Dhoni will complete 200 Sixes playing for CSK at IPL.

· 2: With 2 more dismissal Ms. Dhoni will have 150 wicketkeeping dismissal in IPL. He will be WK 1 to do it.

· 66: Runs D Bravo needs to complete 1000 IPL Runs for CSK.

· 8 Sixes will take the jadjar calculation of six to 50 in the IPL playing for CSK.

· 6: S Raina requires 6 more six to complete 200 six in the IPL.

· 70: More Runs Faf Du Plessis needs to complete 6000 T20 Run.

· 5: D Chahar needs 5 more goals to complete 50 IPL goal.

· 4: Sakur requires 4 more goals to complete 50 IPL goal.

· 12: More Sixes R Gaikwad needs to complete 50 six in T20s.


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