Is RT-PCR test giving false negative reports because of mutants? Expert answers


It is possible that Covid positive people can test the negative in the RT-PCR test, but the double mutant strain is not the reason, said Dr. Anurag Agarwal.

A Medic in PPE takes swab samples from a health worker for RT-PCR at a government hospital in New Delhi
A Medic in PPE takes swab samples from a health worker for RT-PCR at a government hospital in New Delhi

In the midst of increasing Covid-19 tests, waiting long for RT-PCR tests and results, concerns over false negative reports are being expressed. It speculates that because of the new mutant strain, the RT-PCR test comes negatively, even when someone is actually positive and has symptoms of infection.

Allahing was scared like that, Dr. Anurag Agarwal, Director of the National Institute of Biomedical Genomics confirmed that in the meantime it was possible that covid positive people could test the negative in RT-PCR tests, the double mutant strain was not the reason.

“Double mutants are sorted through positive PCR.

So it is impossible that the mutant escapes the RT-PCR test. So we cannot sort it,” said Dr. Agarwal in a video, tweeted by the Ministry of Health Union.

“All possible sequences in the world are being examined regularly and there is no tension that can be separated from the testing of double genes,” he said.

What to remember people is that PCR has a 70 percent sensitivity. “The burden of the virus in your mouth and nose is still the highest day before symptoms begin to show. Then the virus burden gradually decreases. If people are tested late after 7 to 8 days, it is possible to get a negative test report because. Viruses may have traveled into the body, “He said.

The test comes negative even though there are symptoms present are not new and not because of new tensions. This is the case from the start, that if delaying testing, the test results may come negatively, Dr. Agarwal said.

RT-PCR test (reverse transcription-polymerase) test is considered a gold standard in Covid-19 detection and which is why the center asks all states to increase the percentage of RT-PCR testing, but its sensitivity does not exceed 70 percent if all tests are taken into account.

The double mutant is a new strain formed by two mutated strains. In India, his presence has been found in many countries, including Maharashtra and Delhi. E484Q and L452R strains have formed a double mutant.


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