June’s Covid vaccine quota to be 120 million after 79 million in May


The ministry said the 60 million dose of Covid-19 vaccine would be supplied to the state and UTS for those in high priority groups.

People pose for a photo after receiving the first dose of the Covid vaccine, in Kolkata on Sunday
People pose for a photo after receiving the first dose of the Covid vaccine, in Kolkata on Sunday

Nearly 120 million vaccine doses will be available for the National Covid Vaccination Program in June, the unification of the Ministry of Health and family welfare was announced on Sundays even when the two companies that supplied Jab viewed their production capacity to 110-120 million doses of 75-80 million there is.

At least 60 million (60,960,000) the dose of Covid-19 vaccine will be supplied to the countries and the United States for vaccination of the Priority Group of Health Workers (HCWS), frontline workers (FLW), and people aged 45 years and above as supplies Free from the central government channel. In addition, almost 59 million (58,610,000) vaccine doses will be available for direct procurement by the United States and private hospitals.

“In June 2021, almost 120 million (119,570,000) doses would be available for the Covid-19 national vaccination program … Vaccination was an integral pillar of the Indian government’s comprehensive strategy for the detention and management of pandemics, along with tests, tracks, treating and behavior The corresponding Covid. As part of a national vaccination drive, the Indian government has supported the state and UT by giving them free Covid-19 vaccines, “the Ministry of Health said in a statement.

The ministry, however, did not share state-wise separation from the number of vaccine doses allocated for June. According to Report, Serum Institute of Executive Officer India, Adar Poonawalla, Informed UNION Minister Amit Shah that the company will increase vaccine production in June around 90-100 million doses.

SII locally produces Oxford-Astrazeneca Covid-19 vaccine under the name of the Covishield brand.

On April 16, the Ministry of Science and Technology in a statement also announced that it would help double the production capacity of the Covid-19 Make-in Vaksin – 19 of India, Covaxin, in May-June, 2021, of the 10 million available. Dosage per month. Bharat Biotech Co-developed Covaxin with the Indian Medical Research Council.

Inventory allocation through the Indian government channel to the state and the United States is decided based on the pattern of consumption, population, and waste of vaccines. Supply details are distributed in advance for 15/30 days, to ensure better vaccine planning and delivery.

“The inventory is quickly tethered by manufacturing, so that more vaccine doses will be available in a few weeks to come. Doses need to be distributed effectively also at the state level maintaining the current supply scenario in mind. Priority must include high-risk population – health care, and Front line workers, and those over 45 years old, “said a senior central government official, requested anonymity.

From May 1 this year, 50% of the available doses are being intended for these countries as free from the supply of costs from the Indian government channel, while the remaining 50% is available for direct procurement of private producers and private hospitals under the center of “liberal prices and Accelerated Covid-19 Vaccination Strategy “.

“Visibility for the availability of vaccines for the entire June 2021 has been provided well in advance to the state / UTS by the Government Government as communicated to the State and UTS vide Letters of Union Health Ministry on May 17, 2021 and May 29, 2021 and May 29, 2021 and 29 May 2021 and 29 May 2021 and 29 May 2021 and May 29, 2021 … Countries have been asked to direct relevant officials to ensure the utilization of doses that are rational and wisely allocated and minimize the waste of vaccines, “said the Ministry of Health statement.

The shipping schedule for many inventories will also be shared with America first. In May, a total of 79 million (79,405,200) doses were available for the National Covid Vaccination program, where 40 million (40,349,830) doses were made available by a free country center. In addition, 39 million (39,055,370) doses are also available for direct procurement by state and private hospitals.

Experts say vaccination needs to be improved.

“All vaccines are effective in reducing the severity of the disease, and death; therefore, it is important to vaccinate people as soon as possible, especially the country’s vulnerable population,” said Dr. GC Khilnani, former Pulmonology’s head and the department of sleep at the Institute of Indian Medical Sciences, Delhi.


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