Maharashtra heads to PM Modi’s Covid-19 meeting with 4 issues


The Maharashtra government has opposed to causing the shortcomings of the Covid-19 vaccine, by saying the additions ordered by the center is not enough. Ahead of the meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Minister of Health Maharashtra Rajesh Tope said he would collect four main problems.

Maharashtra heads to PM Modi's Covid-19 meeting with 4 issues
Maharashtra heads to PM Modi’s Covid-19 meeting with 4 issues

“I was just told that the center increased the covid-19 vaccine dose of seven lakh up to 17 lakh. It’s even less because we need 40 doses of the lakh vaccine a week and 17 doses of lakh are not enough,” Tope said in interacting journalists.

“We will improve these four problems before PM in today’s meeting over Covid-19:

Remdesivir supply and price control, oxygen supply from the nearest country, vaccine doses and operational support ventilators,” he added. The meeting is scheduled to take place at 6:30 this afternoon.

He previously accused the center of the provision of a fewer vaccines, adding that this problem had been raised through several media. On Wednesday also, Maharashtra Health Minister blamed the center of lack of vaccines.

Reacting to Tope’s claims,

Health Minister Union Harsh Vardhan attacked the Maharashtra government and accused him of “margovernance” in handling Covid-19, saying that he had followed the “casual approach” and put the population in danger “by letting people escape the quarantine mandate Institution for their personal vasuli “.

In a statement that reads on Wednesday, Vardhan stressed that it was none other than “an attempt to divert attention from the failure of the recurrent Maharashtra government to control the spread of pandemic”. He accused the government of Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi (MVA) in Maharashtra by focusing his energy on “political playing and spreading lies in panic”.

Covid-19 Indian cases have jumped 13 times almost two months – he reported a record of 126,789 new cases on Thursday, the third day of the week when Paseload daily jumped to more than 100,000.

More contagious variants of viruses may have played a role in an Indian surge, some epidemiologists say, with hundreds of cases found from variants were first detected in the UK, South Africa and Brazil.


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