Pak’s secret tunnel to push terrorists for 8 years in Jammu detected by BSF


Border security forces on Saturday found a 150 meter underground tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir who had been used by Pakistani intelligence to infiltrate India. This is the second tunnel that was seen in 10 days with the strength of the border guards who last year undergoing campaign mode to detect and destroy tissue tissue which is believed to have been built by the state of Pakistan, a BSF senior official on Saturday.

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Tunnels in 30 feet have been detected between number 14 and 15 boundary posts near the BSF post in Pansar, Kathua Regency. On the other hand the fence is Pakistani border posts from Abhiyal Dogra and Kingre-de-Kothhe in Shakargarh Regency.

Pakistan Shakargarh, the area in the entire fence is home to terror training facilities supervised by one of the operational commanders of Jaish-e-Mohammed Kasim Jan which, Indian intelligence believes, is involved in the November Nagrota meeting in Jammu and is the main accusation. In Pathankot airbase attack 2016. Jan is also one of the main commanders of Jaish terrorist launch to India.

“This is great,” said a senior BSF official. Because the tunnel seems to be at least 6 to 8 years old and will be used for infiltration for a long time. Also, located in a place that has seen actions in the past, since 2012 when Pakistan has installed a heavy fire attack on the advanced duty point and built a new bunker on the zero line around it.

Not far from where the tunnel was found, a BSF assistant Commander Vinay Prasad who led the patrol of the border domination was killed by sniper shots from all borders in January 2019. Ten months later, a group of terrorists were noticed in the same area in November 2019.

It is very important to detect all tunnels built by the Pakistani military and their terrorists because of terrorist infiltration through them practically canceling the utility spread of soldiers along the control line. When it became too difficult to cross Loc, Pakistani terrorist using this tunnel, said a senior countererror official in Delhi.

General Director General Security Force Rakesh Asthana has ordered troops to increase efforts to detect tunnels after the Nagrota meeting in November when security forces can track routes taken by terrorists who have crossed using one of the many tunnels carried out by Pakistan. The military has been built for terrorists to sneak into India.

Security officials underlined that the right engineering efforts have entered the construction of tunnels that have been detected in recent times, showing the involvement of the Pakistani military along the border guarded by heavily.

BSF takes weapons

Meanwhile, BSF carried out intelligence-supported attacks in the Poonch district which led to the seizure of a AK-47 rifle, three Chinese-made pistols, a grenade under the barrel and radio set.


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