PM Narendra Modi asks for maximum jabs, zero wastage during Tika Utsav


Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed the maximum number of Covid-19 vaccine which will be given for 4 days ‘Tika Utsav’ for 4 days or special vaccination drives, which he describes as a “second war” in Covid-19. Drive kick starts from Sunday after first announced by PM Modi during a meeting with the main ministers to discuss steps to contain the second wave of Coronavirus which has now exceeded the number of infections seen in the first phase of the country in the country.

PM Narendra Modi asks for maximum jabs
PM Narendra Modi asks for maximum jabs

“Tika Utsav marks the beginning of the second war against Covid-19,” Prime Minister said.

He also urged everyone to focus on personal and social hygiene while emphasizing the importance of building a micro detention zone to combat the spread of viruses in solid-populated countries such as India.

“We must vaccinate as many people who qualify through a special campaign and decide on Zero Sinkage. If there is no waste in four days during the ‘Tika UtsaV’, it will also increase our vaccination capacity,” said PM.

Tika Utsaav was announced by the Prime Minister to intensify the war against the second wave of Covid infection. On Sundays, India reported 1,52,879 new Covid cases and 839 deaths in the last 24 hours. India leads the world in the average number of daily new infections reported, accounting for one of every six infections reported globally every day, according to Reuters calculations. The daily case has set a record high of six times this week, in accordance with data from the Union Ministry of Health. Death has also surged, with the Ministry of Health who reported 839 deaths on Sundays – the highest in more than five months – the total number of cases in this country now stands at 1,33,58,805 and death has crossed a 1.69 lakh sign. There are 11,08,087 active cases in this country, while more than 1 crore people have recovered.

PM Modi describes three responsibilities for every citizen in the war against Coronavirus. “Each, one vaccination, respectively, treat one and each, save one,” he said.

While some countries such as Uttar Pradesh and Bihar aim to double inoculation during a four-day program, drives attract a lot of criticism from the opposition party leaders. On Friday, the leader of Congress Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “a lack of vaccines is a big problem, not ‘Utsav’.”

This country has provided more than 100 million doses since mid-January, the most after the United States and China.

But some Indian countries complain about vaccine, although current immunization is limited to around 400 million of 1.35 billion Indians. The central government has denied allegations lacking vaccines. India starts the vaccination drive earlier this year in a gradual and currently over the age of 45 years qualified to get vaccination.

According to data released by the Ministry of Health Union, eight states – Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala- account for 60.62% of the total dose of vaccines given so far in the country.


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