Social media content blocking not new, clarifies Centre


Provisions for the same thing have been around since 2009, services I & B clarified.

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Prakash Javadekar(AFP)
Minister of Information and Broadcasting Prakash Javadekar(AFP)

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on Saturday clarified that interim inhibitors of social media content in the case of emergency situations is not new provisions. The provisions for the same thing have been around since 2009. The authority to use this provision is only brought under the Ambit Ministry of Information and Broadcasting from the Electronic Ministry and in the Broker Guidelines and Ethics of Digital Media Code Rules, 2021.

“It was repeated –

There were no changes in the provisions that had been made or new provisions were added to the blocking of content based on Information Technology (Broker Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Codes), 2021,” said the Ministry of I & B in a statement behind from “certain doubts “.

This week, the government has launched a new set of guidelines conducted in accordance with new guidelines, the social media platform is required to reveal the first originator of tweets or naughty messages if requested by the government. They are also required to submit compliance reports every month.

The rules of social media have caused major criticism of opposition leaders. Maharashtra IT Minister Patil Satej on Saturday said the rules of dictatorial and threats to democracy. “This trip by this center needs to be fought for teeth and nails. Such dictatorial regulations will not be accepted by people in this democratic country,” he said.

In India, there are 53 users of Crore WhatsApp, 44.8 Crore YouTube users, Facebook 41 Crore users, Instagram 21 Crore users and 1.75 Crore Twitter users. The rules have been brought to check “increasing the instance of social media abuse by criminals, anti-national elements”, the government said.

However, some false claims conducted a round after the rules were announced, the government said, destroyed them one by one.

According to one false claim, all social media accounts need to verify with government IDs through cellphones within 3 months. Rules say users who want to verify their account voluntarily will be given the right mechanism to verify their account and be equipped with verification signs that can be proven and visible.


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