Sonu Sood tests positive for Covid-19, fans say ‘take care of yourself too’


Actor Sonu Sood has been positively tested for Covid-19. He brought social media to share updates with fans and followers.

Sonu Sood has tested positive for Covid-19.
Sonu Sood has tested positive for Covid-19.

Actor Sonu Sood, which is one of the most active celebrities that provides assistance to those in need during the Covid-19 pandemic, has been tested positively this disease. He brought social media on Saturday to share updates with his fans.

“Covid – Positive. Mood & Spirit – Super Positive. HY Everyone, this is to tell you that I have tested positive this morning for Covid -19 as part of the precaution I have quarantined myself & not caring, but t worry this Give me a lot of time to solve the problem you remember me always there for all of you, “he wrote with his message.

Sonu fans hope he quickly recovered. “Soon soon v @ Sonusood, ur really do something that shows that humanity is still alive, many prayers that have with you, just take care of yourself because our country needs more. May God make you blessing, respect, love n prayer for you, “Write one. “God bless you, sir. Hopefully you’re fine & baldi se thik ho jao sir bhut sara kam abhi bhi tray h (a lot to do),” another wrote.

Sonu recently made a brand ambassador for the Punjab anti-Koronavirus vaccination program. “I feel blessed to play any part in a large campaign of the Punjab government to protect the lives of my country’s society,” he said about his. promise.

“I really believe I’m not a savior. I’m just a human who plays my own little role in God’s big plan. If I can, in the process, touch everything in any way, I can only say – God has blessed me, he guides I fulfilled my duties, “said Sood in another statement about his work during a pandemic.


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