Supreme Court stays implementation of farm laws, forms 4-member panel


The Supreme Court on Tuesday applied three controversial agricultural laws, which had triggered protests near Delhi, and said a committee would be formed to take over negotiations to end the crisis. “We will continue the implementation of the three agricultural laws,” the bench led by the Chairman of the Indian Judge, Sa Bobde, said.

farmersIt was also said that the committee formed would have HS Mann from Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU), Pramod Kumar Joshi, Ashok Gulati and Anil Dhanwat from Shetkari Tekanhan.

The three judges previously said that they were willing to suspend the law but not without limits without any activity occurred on both sides.

The top yesterday said that on Monday it was “very disappointed” by negotiating between the center and representatives of farmers who went while hearing a lot of petitions on agricultural law.
It also indicates that three controversial laws must be postponed to create a conducive atmosphere for the conversation.

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The bench has also asked the center whether willing to stop the legal implementation, say it will do it the opposite. Venugopal Attorney General was asked to return with a response.

Dusyant Dave’s senior advocate, representing the trade union, was also asked to consult with farmers and told the court whether they were willing to join deliberation in the presence of the committee, the court proposed to resolve the problem.

However, late on Monday night, trade unions issued a statement that they did not want to leave before the proposed committee. According to trade unions, it won’t make sense to go before the committee after the government’s written statement states that the law will not be revoked.

The previous top court was looking for a central response to the association of requests for farmers’ agreements (empowerment and protection) on the Guarantee Act of Agricultural Pricing and Services, Trade and Trade Laws (Promotion and Facilitation), and important commodities. (Amendment) acts.

Thousands of farmers who are nervous, especially from Punjab and Haryana, have camped at the Delhi border since November 26.


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