Tackling Covid-19: Centre spotlights efforts to boost oxygen availability


The ministry of external affairs is actively helpful in securing sources of oxygen from abroad, the word center in the release.

Cryogenic tankers carrying liquid oxygen are seen onboard an Oxygen Express Train after reaching a railway station, in New Delhi on Monday.
Cryogenic tankers carrying liquid oxygen are seen onboard an Oxygen Express Train after reaching a railway station, in New Delhi on Monday.

The Center said on Monday that they had taken a number of initiatives to increase the availability of oxygen, distribution and storage infrastructure. In the release, the government said that the steps include adding all oxygen supply chains.

“The availability of oxygen has been increased by increasing production and production capacity, the formation of a pressure swing adsorption plant (PSA), imported liquid medical oxygen (LMO) from abroad, and the procurement of oxygen concentrators,” the government said.

It adds that a digital tracking system has been set for real-time monitoring.

Talking about increasing production, the government said that oxygen production increased from 5700 MT per day in August last year to 9,446 MT per day in May this year.

“It is worth the increase in production and demand, LMO sales in this country also increased from around 1,300 mt / day in March ’21 to 8,920 mt / day on May 6,” said the government. This added that LMO sales grew more than five times – from 1559 MT per day on March 31, 2021 to more than 8,000 MT per day on May 3, 2021.

Talking about the capacity building plan, the government said that the supply of oxygen for non-essential industrial needs was banned from April 22, producing around 1,000 mt of additional oxygen availability. “Expansion of an additional capacity of 630 mt / day is also planned by the steel sector.”

Thousands of PSA plants are also being arranged under PM-Care through the UNI Ministry of Health, the government added.

Apart from this, the Ministry of External Affairs actively helped to secure the source of oxygen from abroad, the center said, added that the procurement of a lakh oxygen concentrator has been subject to sanctions under PM funds.

The government’s response came after the Congress Work Committee (CWC) passed the resolution on Monday, slamming the handling of Covid-19 pandemic by the center. It is said that the government has put vaccinated expenses in the state.

Many states have pointed out problems in oxygen supply, urging the center to increase their oxygen quota to save the life of Covid-19 patients. The center said that he used the UNI Ministry of Health formula to estimate oxygen needs for each country in accordance with active cases there, and maximum efforts were made to harmonize oxygen allocations to the estimated demand for each country.

“Oxygen allocation to the country / UTS is dynamic, based on the needs of the norms of the Ministry of Health, and consultation with state / UTS, producers and other stakeholders. There are incompatibility between producing and consuming countries, and equity among countries maintained , “he said. The government said that a third of the production was concentrated in East India, while nearly 60% of oxygen demand was in North and South India, producing transportation challenges.

The Supreme Court recently appointed a 12 member assignment unit to see the problem of oxygen supply. The task force held his first meeting on Sundays where he praised the efforts put in the middle and suggested how to increase the supply of oxygen.


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