US announces sanctions on Russian officials, businesses for Navalny’s poisoning


Sanctions are the first to be ordered by President Joe Biden against Russia and will help regulate the tone for his relationship with Putin.

United StatesRussiaAlexei Navalny
United StatesRussiaAlexei Navalny

Biden administration announced sanctions against Russia for poisoning and imprisonment of opposition leader Alexey Navalny.

Punishment – as adopted by the European Union – targeting Senior Russian law enforcement officials, and matching European Union and British sanctions imposed earlier in other Russia allied with President Vladimir Putin as a punishment for experiments for navalny murder.

Sanctions are the first to be ordered by President Joe Biden against Russia and will help regulate the tone for his relationship with Putin. Rubel recovered sharply after the news, reversing the previous loss because investors were driven by relatively narrow sanctions coverage.

The US demanded the liberation of Navalny, its allies and others were detained incorrectly in Russia and ended the persecution of their supporters, a senior administrative official told reporters in the direction.

Viktor Zolotov, head of the Russian national guard;

Igor Krasnov, the State Attorney General; Alexander Kalashnikov, head of the federal prison service; And Alexander Boltrykin, who led the country’s investigation committee was the target of the EU’s latest punishment, according to three people who were familiar with the decision.

27 UE members officially adopted sanctions on Tuesday, according to two officials who were familiar with the decision. His steps will be published in the afternoon, one that people say.

US steps will involve the State Department, Treasury and Trade, said a senior administrative official in the briefing.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia would “respond” with new restrictions, even though he did not describe.

The UE and UK assets target frozen and prohibiting trips in October are Aleksandr Bortnikov, leaders of Russian domestic spy institutions; Sergei Kiriyenko, deputy chief of staff first in the presidency administration; Andrei Yarin, head of the Directorate of Domestic Administration Policy; Aleksei Krivoruchko and Pavel Popov, two deputy defense ministers; And Sergei Menyello, Putin’s envoy for the Siberian Federal District.

Blocks and Britain also freeze assets of one Russian entity: State scientific research institutions for organic chemistry and technology.

Navalny returned to Russia in January after being treated in Germany for a nerve agent attack. He was detained shortly after landing at Sheremetyevo Moscow airport. The Western government and Navalny accused the Kremlin behind the murder experiments. Russia denies that and has said that Navalny’s prison is an internal problem.

Last month, Biden asked for the release of Navalny, said he was “targeted to expose corruption and must be immediately released and unconditionally.”

Since then, Navalny has been sentenced and has begun to present a two and half-year term. Last week, he was transferred to a famous criminal camp in the Vladimir area of ​​about 60 miles (100 kilometers) east of the Russian capital.

During his first call with Russian leader, at the end of January,

Biden said he “explained to President Putin in a very different way of my predecessor that the United States days rolled around with aggressive acts of Russia, disrupting our election, cyber attacks, people’s poisoning The state ends. ”

Biden called the Navalny Prison “politically motivated.” His government also had Moscow in his view for what was shown by the US intelligence agency was the role of Russia possibly in the Cyber ​​Corp. Solarwinds attack.

One senior administrative official said that the sentence related to the hacking of Solarwinds is likely to be announced in a few weeks.


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