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Want a REALLY Profitable Blog? This ONE Concept is Crucial


what’s up you guys it’s professor Ron with one our professor comm and every blog has a potential to make money every single blog that’s out there but how is it that certain blogs are able to make thousands or tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars every single month and I know some of you were thinking,

Want a REALLY Profitable Blog? This ONE Concept is Crucial
Want a REALLY Profitable Blog? This ONE Concept is Crucial

well YOU KNOW there’s some some skill to that but those people who those bloggers they really got lucky with the way maybe when they entered the market or whatever it is and while there is a little bit of truth to that and there is some luck involved there’s a lot of skill there too and the truth is that there are a lot of things that experienced bloggers understand when they start blogging that the beginners really don’t even know it all and in today’s video what I’m going to do is I want to explain one concept that I have followed and that is absolutely crucial to really all bloggers to make it so that they can build an extremely extremely profitable blog that being said let’s go ahead and get started [Music] so to start this one off,

I just want to jump right into a screen share

because I’m going to show you some examples here and I’m just gonna show you a few different websites and then I want you to look at these and as I’m going through them kind of think of what is what is the thing that all of them have in common okay so let me go ahead and jump in here okay so the first website that I’m gonna look at is Matthew Woodward that co uk this is a guy that’s a big name in online business and he’s been around for some time but we’re just gonna go in here and one of the things that I’m doing with this because it’s hard to say all this without seeing it I’m going to only focus on blogs that are sharing income reports okay so Matthew Woodward he doesn’t share his income reports anymore by the way he stopped doing it but you could see here he’s gonna income reports actually him and I he’s starting 2012 I was around 2014 so he’s got all these income reports.

we’ll go to near the end here let’s go to November 2017

this is less income report that he shared you can see this talks about some things he’s doing and then he gets into hold on I’m gonna find it his earnings this is the interesting thing and I’ll explain why in a second so these are all the earnings that he’s made right these are all the different affiliate income these made where he’s making these affiliate income and you could see that it’s it’s pretty well diversified right there’s a lot of different revenue streams in here and obviously he’s done a pretty good job and I know he also does some consultants ulting or he did some consulting at the time so he did that as well and then you see him talk about some other income he has another project,

that he’s working on so you see here he did affiliate income twenty one thousand seven thirty-seven consultation at on this particular report he had none other income which is pretty vague but he has other income that’s 12 thousand so his expenses were 5,600 bucks and grand total he made 20,000 hours which sounds crazy but I can vouch for the fact that that’s actually legitimate that he this is a guy that’s been around for a long time so that’s that’s one example okay the second example is of course this this handsome guy right I have to I have to show you guys my website because I’ve been doing this for a long time with income reports so first thing I want to say if this is your first time come here my name is Ron owner of this website right here and I help people create and grow online businesses if you’re interested you can go into the income reports to look at everything.

I have resources I have a startup blog

resource here or if you’re just like I want to know the truth about online business you fill out the information here and click learn the truth or you can get a free course but anyway that’s the end of my little infomercial so let me go into my income reports here and within the income reports you could see I’ve been doing this since 2014 and again I think like Matthew Woodward and Pat Flynn who’s the other one I’m gonna show we’re humble about it YOU KNOW like it’s not like we’re bragging about how much we’re making we tend to be making a lot of money now but it didn’t start that way so me my first year I was almost down 15 hundred hours I’ve been very honest and forthcoming about everything but with my income reports okay,

let’s go to May is an ugly example you close that May is an ugly example because everything that just happened with the virus but we’ll go into it and let’s go into here and again something really interesting here you can see here’s my monthly income report this is the revenue that I’m making you could see I have all these different websites that I’m working on I have YouTube I have Google Adsense and then I have my expenses the point is I broken out line items of all my different income and I’ve gotten pretty specific with all that telling you exactly.

what it is and then I go into all the different websites

how they’re making money and all this and that so the point here is again this area I’m making all this different revenue from all these different places and then the last example I want to give is smart passive income which this guy is like the granddaddy of the income report he’s the one that really popularized it so we’re gonna go into here and I actually let me check I don’t know if he still has well I know he still has them so let’s search income report archives this is what we’re really looking for so he doesn’t really do these so much anymore but he’s got these income reports and we’ll just look at his October 2017 income report a while ago but we’ll look at it and again Pat Flynn who is a big proponent of these income before he’s been around a long time he has his affiliate earnings YOU KNOW his grocery you see making one hundred and forty five thousand dollars in a month which is insanity but affiliate earnings sixty five thousand he talks about all the different places where he’s been making those affiliate earnings right and then we’ve got book sales okay this talks about where he was making income from books and then he’s got course sales this talks about the money he’s making from courses and then niche sites and the different niche sites,


that he has and how much he’s making from those podcast sponsorships he has all the money from podcast sponsorships software and apps he talks about the different software he has right and then he talks about all that and then he gets detailed into even more even more detail than most on the different things that he’s doing but again his income look at his income it’s really diversified so what do all these websites have in common well first off everybody,

that’s been listed here make sure that they like this video so others can find it and subscribe to the channel actually Pat Flynn and Matthew Woodward probably don’t even see this video but I’d appreciate it if you would like my video and subscribe to the channel that’d be great liking it make sure other people could find it and subscribing make sure you become part of the community but the thing that us three have in common and one thing that I’ve realized over time is that we’re all focused on income stacking okay so we’re we’re diversifying right you could see if they diversified but what,

 you’ll understand is that with all three of the websites

we’re making income from one source and then another source and we’re making income in different ways we are taking it so that we’re not just making income from had sense or we’re not just making him from from Amazon or we’re not just making income from selling leads or selling a course we’re diversifying what we’re doing and we’re stacking our incomes because when you stack your income not only are you diversified which is nice because if one hey you’re not gonna get crushed but when you’re stacking your income that’s how your websites make a lot of money I see it way too often where someone creates an affiliate website they you know an Amazon affiliate website for example even though after the Commission cut it hurt they’ll make it and then they’ll say okay.

I do it and then they just bust of articles and they just turn them out turn them out turn them out which is fine for a while but if you really want to get to that next level and get bigger and really make it to your website makes more start approaching it to where instead of just blogging about the bus stuff stuff turn it into a website where maybe you’re offering a service or you’re selling leads or you’re selling an info product start to stack income sources on that.

website because you will see so much more growth by

doing that as opposed to starting a whole separate website and regurgitating what you did really affiliate marketing or display ads or whatever once you’ve mastered that and done pretty well with it that’s step one add five more steps to that and you’re gonna be able to have a website property that really makes a lot of money and that’s when you’re really successful is when you’re using income stacking which is a term that I use to make that happen so now I know a lot of you are watching like okay that’s great I want to do income stacking and if you’re a beginner,

I have to say hold on because the truth is you shouldn’t worry about income stacking right away so when is it that you should worry about income stacking when is it that you should focus on this and really make it a point basically what I say is you should have a minimum of fifty thousand page views every single month before you even think about income stacking because up until fifty thousand page views you probably don’t even have your primary monetization completely figured out so you don’t to be in a rush to do this focus on one monetization strategy that works really well for you and really master that and really get a lot of money out of that for me it’s been display ads I do really well with display ads but then.

I started income stacking all these other things on top of it some affiliate

some leads all this stuff and that’s really where you make the big money so just find one monetization strategy that works generally speaking if you have a beginner blog beginner website you’re working on it what is it that I can what is it that I can do that’ll make some money and work usually like display ads or affiliate marketing or maybe a course YOUKNOW you’re selling a course or just info products typically those are in the beginning YOU KNOW beginner bloggers area those are like the four that will make some money and kind of get you off with a good foundation of income and make it so that you’re making something and then you just have to add more on top of that focus 100 percent 100 percent on your top ten pages so when you’re at like fifty thousand page views a month or before that actually.


you’re gonna see that there’s your top ten pages that are that are really getting most of the traffic they’re really doing well from a traffic perspective and that’s where most the the people are visiting your website focus on those pages focus 100% of your effort on making those pages as good as possible number one and number two monetize them as much as possible that doesn’t mean throw twenty different ads on the page that means throw ads on if you want to if that’s the thing that works with you throw in an info product throw in the ability to buy a course throw in affiliate links do whatever you can to make sure that.

those most visited pages are monetized as best as possible without destroying

the user experience because that’s where you gonna get the most bang for your buck and by the way the home page is not going to be one of your most visited pages typically just so YOU KNOW usually it’s gonna be blog posts that you write so focus 100% on those up until 50,000 visitors at 50,000 page views a month and you’re generally gonna see success you’ll also see success if you click on the like button to this video so others can find it and you click on the subscribe button to become part of my community and maybe you leave a comment too because I’d love to hear from you but what you really want to do is get to the point with income stacking I would say you want to get to the point to where once you’re making a hundred hours a month with one one source of income so it could be affiliate courses whatever it is once you’re there unless it’s growing exponentially’

once you’re there then say okay think stop and think how else can I make some money with this website and and I’ll tell you 50 thousand page views a month you should definitely even with display ads you should be able to hit on hundred hours a month so fifty thousand page views is a good amount of page views to really that’s when you have a website and a blog that’s really growing and getting to a point to where okay this could become something bigger but you have to you have to step back

I use income stacking to my advantage here

how can I grow this beyond just one revenue Channel and then after you do that right after you’ve you’ve gotten to figured out you’re making a hundred dollars a month and you say I’m gonna do some income stacking and I want to throw in affiliate links middle where I want to create some affiliate content you start doing that that’s great so now maybe you’re using display ads right you’re making some money there and then you’re doing affiliate content that’s great do it get it set up and now what you’re gonna find is that the money that you’re making from those new parts of the website and the new things that you’re doing can pay for even more stuff right so you start reinvesting that money and then you just basically rinse and repeat you do an income source.

you get it to a pretty good size and then you reinvest that money into another income source and gonna find that some of them may fail and that’s okay there’s no problem to that you invested a little bit of money you learn something and then you can walk away from it so the idea is keep stacking your income sources on your website in different areas keep taking the the revenue that you’re generating and reinvesting it into your website and then eventually you’re gonna be able to take a draw from it and you’re gonna be okay.

because the websites gonna be making enough money to wear a consistent support itself

then sustain it YOU KNOW for the for the long-term future and also it can help you continually diversify into other platforms like Pinterest YouTube all these other channels and platforms to get more traffic to the site and it’ll just continue to grow as you continue to grow your monetization strategies and income stack and it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger so that is my advice on how to get a really really profitable blog and I think that I I’m unique in that I’ve done this from experience,

I have a website!

that I make the majority of my money on and a lot of its display ads but I also do leads I also do pay-what-you-want on there I do donations I do a lot of different things I can’t I can’t say too much more because if I do then it’ll give it away but there’s a lot of different strategies affiliate all this different stuff I did income stacking and it really grew that website far beyond anything else that I’ve been able to build my revenue per thousand visitors and certain months comes to about 60 to 70 dollars per thousand visitors which is crazy and I know that that’s crazy but I’ve been able to do that because,

I continuously used income stacking to make more and more and more with that website and it just kept growing so that’s it you guys hopefully this one was really helpful if you have any questions again please leave them in the comments below I love to hear from you guys and lastly make sure that you click the like button so other people can find this one and click on the subscribe button so that you are made aware of my new videos and even can become part of the community because,

I want you as part of the community I want to hear from you I want to talk to you but I can’t do it if you don’t subscribe otherwise guys thanks so much for the support appreciate it so much you guys are awesome and I will see you in the next one.



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