Why Should You Use WordPress on Your Website


what’s up you guys this is professor ron with onehourprofessor.com and there are a ton of different platforms out there to build a blog on there’s so many it’s actually scary and the truth is I get at least a couple emails every single week of people asking me why they should build their blog on wordpress versus something like wix or squarespace or even YOU KNOW I’ve had things come by where people asking about medium.com as well so today

Why Should You Use WordPress on Your Website
Why Should You Use WordPress on Your Website

I want to explain exactly why I recommend wordpress exclusively and not even the free version of wordpress but the one where you have to pay for your own hosting and go through the whole hassle of setting up your own blog and there’s a lot of good reasons here so make sure that you watch the video all the way through that said let’s go ahead and get started okay so starting off,

I’m just going to explain a few very important

things about wordpress that you absolutely need to understand about the platform so number one is that it is an open source platform what is an open source platform that basically means that anybody that’s a developer that knows what they’re doing can create content or tools plugins as they call them to make functionality much easier to use or to put into your blog or website that you own this is really really important because when something is open source you get a lot of very creative people saying,

I have this problem let me find a solution that really works that is crucial to making sure that you have the easiest way to get from point a to point b as possible when you’re relying on these other platforms they may not have that open source so they don’t have that open source and because of that they may not have those things in place or there’s certain restrictions that you’ll have to go out and hire a developer to do next and this kind of goes along with the first point here but they have plug-ins for everything that you need so what do I mean by a plug-in what ron what is a plug-in if you don’t understand wordpress you may not know so let me jump to my screen really quick and I’ll show you okay so this is my site this is oner professor.com and by the way if you’re looking to start a blog highly recommend it’s a free course that you can get through email it’s called ignition.

I recommend that you sign up for that course

it’ll help you start a blog very quickly and easily through email and every day you’ll get an email telling you what to do sign up right here or click right over here at a free course you’ll get it but anyway when I click into the back end of a wordpress blog this is what you see right and there’s a lot of things here that could intimidate you because it’s like oh god there’s so much but this is the important part right here under plugins this is key a plug-in is basically something that you can put into your site to make functionality easier to do for instance I’ve got add inserter here that makes it so I can easily input my add code for Google adsense or media.net or ezoic which is the one that I recommend it makes it so you can easily put them in your blog posts automatically right so I say okay after the first paragraph;

I want there to be a ad unit that’ll happen throughout my whole site right then and there because of ad inserter what is the alternative to that you hire someone to do all this and to create something that gets really really expensive and you just don’t want to do that so that those types of plugins things like this are incredibly incredibly valuable for those who own wordpress sites next is that there’s a very engaged and supportive community so this kind of goes along with being open source right when you have an open source platform people are willing to help each other right and disclose a lot of information about how they’re programming things and doing things that quite frankly.

I don’t know how to do and you may not know how to do either

but that’s fine so having a engage in supportive community is really big because not only are they sharing secrets right and how they’re doing things but you can always get support for things that you have even if you have free plugins on your site you can get support for those because there’s so many other users and other people that are doing it they actually share the solutions with each other you see it all the times in the forums that are there okay so those are some really big reasons why you want to use the the paid version of wordpress right where you buy your hosting and put it onto a wordpress cms is the site that’s what you want to do let me explain some of the downfalls of these other tools that,



I mentioned in the intro so first off let’s talk about the free version of wordpress right this is where you see a site and it’s at YOU KNOW wordpress.1rprofessor.com right that’s the url that kind of thing so that’s the first problem with it with the free version of wordpress you don’t have a professional domain and that’s not good if you have a local small business you’re doing consulting you want to have a professional domain because you want people when they see it people YOU KNOW they know Google.com yahoo.com;

they knew they know that the words and then dot com so

when you have a site that’s wordpress dot one hour professor dot com it’s like oh that’s so longer and it’s just not it’s not as professional sounding so that’s definitely not a good thing next and it goes along with this is that it builds trust in your online presence so when you actually have a domain name that is just YOU KNOW one hour professor.com it legitimizes what it is that you’re doing right it gives trust to the people that find you because they’re like oh okay this is a site that is reputable it’s not just one of these weird domain extensions and a free platform it shows that you have invested enough to actually get a real domain name which is what the internet is full of with valid companies so you want to be one of those next is with the free version of wordpress if you transfer over let’s say you’re using the free version you decide to change to a paid version,

you may then have to change your url and you may have to change the structure of things and there’s a good chance that unfortunately when you do that right you are going to potentially lose followers because if they knew one url and then you changed to another now they have to follow you over to that other one and you may say well I have an email list and I can just YOU KNOW tell them all to go they may not all see the email so you can definitely lose followers in addition you may have issues with your search rankings so let’s say that you’re indexing Google for certain things things are going pretty well for you you transfer your domain over now you have to do what’s called a 301 redirect there’s a lot of things that you have to do there that can get kind of technical and if it’s not done perfectly.

you may not transfer correctly

you’ll never come back from it but even if you do it correctly there’s plenty of times when people do that transfer and it just doesn’t go according to plan so that is really really important to understand going from free to paid is a real hassle so it’s just better to pay upfront next and this one is technically speaking you don’t actually own the content that you have on the wordpress free domain because that is wordpress’s domain that’s their site technically speaking you don’t own the content right you wrote it but you don’t actually own the content which is a little weird to say and it’s like kind of like oh yeah crackpot theory like they’re just gonna take it and say oh you don’t own it it’s ours now they’re probably not going to but technically speaking,

you don’t actually own the content which isn’t really a good thing either next and this is a big one you have limitations on your revenue possibilities so when you’re using the free version of wordpress there’s a ton of things like if you start to grow that’s great but then it’s like well I want to start making money ooh there’s all these limitations I have to get the paid version and then you get the paid version and then you have to do the transfer over and then that gets really expensive and then that doesn’t go well and then all the work that you did it just it just kind of disappears right so it makes sense to do it on the paid version at first because if you do it from the free and then you transfer over to paid YOU KNOW because.

you want to make revenue it might mess up the

whole site and everything you’ve been doing anyway the next reason is there are programming limitations so when you’re using the free version of wordpress it’s kind of locked down there are certain things that you can do certain things that you can’t that is a big problem because if you decide hey I want to use this plugin or do this particular thing or I need an editor or a developer to go in to change this thing the free version may not let you do that that’s a big problem you don’t want to have limitations you guys you cannot have limitations if you want to have a real online business you need to have all barriers broken so that you can do things customized if you choose to you don’t have to but you need to have that ability and the free version just doesn’t give;



you that next let’s talk about the problems with the site builder programs like wix squarespace pretty much any of them that are out there there’s a lot of them out there and some of them are really good but they have their problems so first off they have ongoing costs so to be clear wordpress is free you can use the wordpress cms the content management system in the back of your of your site for free the only thing that you pay for is the hosting of the website you do not pay for the content management system that is in contrast to wix squarespace with their paid plans you have to pay just to have their content management system their cms right that is an ongoing cost that quite frankly you probably don’t want to deal with and as you grow those fees will go up as well next is that.

you’re trusting a platform

with all of your content so it seems like wix and squarespace and these other guys they’re here to stay right it’s I think it’s fair to say that but let’s say for instance that something happens and they go out of business or YOU KNOW all of a sudden they get in some type of problem with the government something crazy admittedly and something happens and then all their servers get locked down or something crazy your all your content your whole site is on their servers you’re stuck you’re in really bad shape if that happens is it likely to happen probably not,

I have to be honest here but it’s just something to consider that if something really bad happens you’re trusting that platform to do everything the right way with a lot of things you don’t have control over so keep that in mind as well next is that you have programming limitations again you want to reduce or remove all limitations for any blog or website that you’re creating you want to make sure that you can do whatever you want if you want to do it with these platforms they have limitations they purposely locked it down it’s more for beginners small businesses to make it easy on them but they have these limitations that really slow.

you down if you want to do anything customer

kind of go a step beyond where most people do and then lastly going on to this whole customization they do allow you to program and do some customizations in these platforms but it’s gonna take a specialized developer right not every developer can just walk in and say oh okay well I’m gonna do this because YOU KNOW when you’re a developer there’s there’s certain languages codes schema things that you have to know to create the tools or do the programming that’s required right and these platforms the way that they’re built sometimes is a little bit different than what a regular old developer is used to and they require some extra knowledge so it may take a specialized developer which may end up costing more money as well now lastly,

I want to talk about the problem with platforms like medium now medium is a cool platform if you’re not familiar with it basically like somewhere you can go you can create a public blog and write it and publish it and it’s there automatically there’s a big community big big thing same thing with linkedin right they have where you can publish on linkedin and that stuff can get indexed in Google it’s great right because it’s like wow this is YOU KNOW from linkedin or from medium it’s just really high domain authority and the site’s good and this should all be good the problem though is that this that’s not a place to build a business in my opinion that’s a compliment to your current business if you want it to be in your content strategy right so this is a place to be heard this is a place to get your voice out there to complement.

your current marketing strategies

but it’s not a place where you want to build a business because you have no programming abilities you are doing what they tell you to do they say hey here’s your box write your amazing content in this box and we’ll share with our community and we may grow you and that’ll be good but building a business off of that little box that they’re offering you is not really a good situation there’s really just not that much you could do to make money and it just really you know from a programming perspective is going to really limit anything that you want to do custom so if you want to start here and then build it up to something big like you could on a wordpress site you can’t do that within medium or linkedin or any of these because you’re stuck in there YOU KNOW everything that they say to do that said and I kind of mentioned this already you have limitations on your revenue right I don’t even know if you can technically put adsense into medium posts,

I’m not sure on that but I know for a fact you can’t do that in linkedin you can’t put ezoic YOU KNOW I think you can do affiliate marketing I’m not even 100 sure about that so you’re going to have a ton of limitations on your revenue possibilities as well and then like I said generally speaking medium linkedin these should be compliments to a wordpress website that you already own you guys you do not want to to start there and build a business there because it’s just off of someone else and things can go bad that are out of your control and if and when they do you’re in a really bad situation especially if that’s all of your livelihood which is the ultimate goal of any blog that you start anyway right so there it is you guys that is why in my opinion you should use wordpress over the other website platforms that are out there.

I personally have every single blog

that I’ve ever honed has been built on wordpress and I’m doing pretty well for myself my friends in the industry same thing we all use wordpress for a very good reason which well reasons which I’ve gone over in this whole video if you found this video helpful please do me a favor click on that like button and also subscribe so that you can become part of my community if you have questions leave them in the comments I actually read them so I will respond back to you otherwise guys thank you as always so much for the support and I will see you in the next one.


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