‘Winning the WTC is equal to winning the World Cup’: Ajinkya Rahane


The Indian team needs to win or draw the final and last test against England at Ahmedabad to secure their bed at the Grand Finale of the Intugal ICC World Test Championship.

Ajinkya Rahane: File Photo(PTI)
Ajinkya Rahane: File Photo(PTI)

Indian Deputy Captain Ajinkya Rahane on Tuesday echoed the emotions of his teammate Ishant Sharma and admitted that winning the ICC (WTC) world test championship in God would not lack the World Cup.

The Indian Virat Kohli-LED team currently has a 2-1 tin in the four series of ongoing matches against England. They need to win or draw the final and final tests at Ahmedabad to secure their beds at the Grand Finale of the Inaugural ICC Event scheduled to start from June 18, 2021.

“Of course, Ishant was right in what he said. Win WTC is the same as winning the World Cup. We all focus on it, after saying that, the focus now is to play the fourth test against England. Ishant is really true,” said Rahane during the conference Virtual press on Tuesday.

In the ongoing series against England, Rahane had scored only 85 Run and the highest score of 67 came in the second test in Chepauk. India has managed to defeat England by ten goals within two days of a pink ball test. The match saw India and England Batsmen failed to shine and went out to the ball that did not turn around and slipped from spinners.

“When you play on the spinning path, you have to play a line and you know it. In India, we haven’t played a lot of games in the last two-three years. When you play on the spinning and seaming goal, it’s all about playing lines, when the ball Spin too much, you don’t need to think about it, you just need to play a line, if you miss the ball, you miss the ball. Supports your defenses and abilities on the goal of seaming and spinning is something we follow, “said Rahane.

Sharca quickly India quickly said that WTC was like the World Cup for him and if India continued to win the test championship, then it would be the same feeling to win the World Cup.

India and England will lock the horns in the final test of the 4 series of matches that began on Thursday at the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad.


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