Wisconsin’s assembly speaker supports farmers’ protests, writes to Indian envoy


Voicing his support for farmers’ protests in India, the Wisconsin State Assembly speaker has urged the Indian government to reconsider his decision on three agricultural laws and listen to fears of affected farmers.

Wisconsin’s assembly speaker supports farmers’ protests, writes to Indian envoy

Robin J Vos expressed his support through a letter to the Indian Ambassador to the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu. He also wrote a similar letter to the US Ambassador to India Ken Juster.

“One thing that might have by Wisconsin and India is our large agricultural economy. Our country farmers are a very large part of our overall economy. It will be unexpected for me that we will make legal changes that affect them without taking into account their input, or By turning it off when they use their rights to gather peacefully, “he wrote in his letters on January 4.

“Hopefully, the MOD government will reconsider his decision and sit with farmers who are affected to listen to their worries,” Vos said.

India has called a statement by foreign leaders and politicians to protests by farmers as “less information” and “unreasonable”, asserting that this problem is related to internal affairs of democratic countries.

“We have seen some information that is less information … related to farmers in India. Such comments are unreasonable, especially when it is related to the internal affairs of the democratic state,” said spokesman for the External Ministry Anurag Srivastava last month.

“Recently, I was trusted by three new laws that might have a big impact on Punjab farmers. It was my understanding that the three laws were carried out with a little without consulting with the large community of farmers, and had triggered a massive protest at Delhi, “Vos said in his letter to Sandhu.

“While my work doesn’t usually call me to open a relationship between the United States and other countries, I wrote as a US citizen who represented Indians in Wisconsin. I asked that in your consultation with the Prime Minister of Modi you expressed my concern for violations of rights -Of civilian civilians and rights to protest peacefully, “he said in his letter to the Indian Ambassador.

Wisconsin has a large enough sikh population.

In his letter to Juster, Vos said he wrote as a US citizen who represented Indians in Wisconsin.

“I asked that in your consultation with the Prime Minister of Modi and his government, that you expressed concern for violating civil rights of humans and the right to protest peacefully. I believe you agree that this is the basics of fundamental in American society and we must do Everything we can in our diplomatic relationships to ensure that they are the basis in countries with which we have diplomatic bonds, “VOS wrote.

Terminyak Sikh America Darshan Singh Dhaliwal welcomed the letters written by VOS and said that farmers throughout India, were not only punjab, suffering.

“Soak the three farm laws is the right thing to do. Farmers do not want this law,” said Dhaliwal who went to India on Tuesday to show solidarity with farmers who protested.

He said he was in talks with several members of the US Congress for a visit to India to meet with farmers who protested and gained a direct assessment of the situation in the field.

Meanwhile, the Indian Embassy has increased its outreach to members of the US Congress who gave them various aspects of agricultural bills, and farmers’ rights to protest and several rounds of talks owned by the government with leaders protesting farmers.

During this direction by senior Indian Embassy officials, parliamentarians and their staff were given a historical perspective from the agricultural sector in India and the problems faced by this sector, including a decline in farmer income.

Sindhu ambassador has spoken with several leading Congress members. The Indian Embassy also reaches members of the Indian community.

US congress members and their staff were told about various misunderstandings about agricultural bills. They were told that farmers have absolute rights to protest and protest those ongoing are democracy in action.

Thousands of farmers from Punjab, Haryana and several other countries have protested various Delhi borders since November 26, seeking to revout three agricultural laws imposed in September.

Dubbing this law is a “anti-farmer”, these farmers claim that newly enforced law will open the way for the demolition of the minimum support price system, leaving them in the “Mercy” corporation.

However, the government has stated that new laws will bring better farmers and lead new technology in agriculture. There were several rounds of talks between protesters’ representatives and the Indian government but the logjam continued.


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