Yasmine defends Priyanka as user questions silence on Israel-Palestine crisis


Yasmine Al Massri reacted to a Twitter user questioning the silence of Priyanka Chopra in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian crisis. Yasmine said how Priyanka was busy with Covid-19 assistance work in India.

Yasmine Al Massri defends Priyanka Chopra over her silence on ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis.
Yasmine Al Massri defends Priyanka Chopra over her silence on ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis.

Yasmine Al Massri defended his friend, actor Priyanka Chopra on Twitter. Actor Quantico replied to social media users to question the silence of Priyanka for the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian crisis.

“#TogetherWithPalestine why your friend is the Noodwill UN ambassador about all this, I have supported and has become the biggest fan and watching the films in the cinema, until now #selterterroris,” Twitter user asked.

Yasmine responded, “The baby nearly 2 billion people in India are struggling with the most deadly events now a pandemic! My friend works to help his country. Isn’t this a professional who is quite a good human being? Friendship of transactions.”

Some celebrities including Hadid teeth and Mark Ruffalo have expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian family who faced the eviction in Jerusalem amid violent clashes. According to the PTI report, at least 53 Palestinians and six Israelis have been killed in spiral violence on Wednesday when Gaza-based guerrillas fired hundreds of rockets in Israel since Monday.

Priyanka, on the other hand, has been involved in raising funds for Covid-19 assistance in the midst of the second wave of pandemic. The actor initiated fundraising, in relation to the GIA, with the aim of helping ‘physical infrastructure of health care (including Covid care centers, insulation centers and oxygen generation), medical equipment, and vaccine mobilization.’

On Wednesday, it was revealed that fundraising was collected $ 1 million. “(Nick Jonas) and I am very humble with your support and with outpouring assistance for India from so many parts of the world. More than 14,000 Samaritans opened it and helped us collect $ 1 million in these difficult times. Many others help the US distribute The world to speed up the process, “he said in Instagram posts.

“All the money raised has been deployed throughout the country in the form of oxygen concentrators, vaccine support and more. We can all continue to help so don’t stop here. We raise the target fundraising for $ 3 million and we know that with your help and support , we can achieve this too, “he added.


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