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YouTube Creator Should Follow to Grow in 2021


– Today, we take a glance at five YouTube channels that you just should be subscribed to if you would like to grow on YouTube and be a serious YouTube creator.

YouTube Creator Should Follow to Grow in 2021
YouTube Creator Should Follow to Grow in 2021

If that’s you then these channels are definitely gonna facilitate your out and you’re gonna wanna stay for all five of those because I guarantee you probably aren’t subscribed to all or any of them.

You gotta just press record

favorite is YouTube Creators with 3.78 million subscribers. Now this channel actually by YouTube. So it’s a politician YouTube channel that provides you the most recent news and trends, stuff that’s happening on the platform. there is a playlist on the channel called Quick Tips from YouTube HQ that’s definitely worth testing as there are some really cool tips from other creators on YouTube.

one in all my favorite things about this channel is that they let other creators actually share onto this channel things that they’ve learned, things that they did to grow on YouTube. And it’s awesome because they get people from all different forms of niches. So whether you’re into gaming or fitness or vlogs, whatever it’s, they have people on this channel talking about how they did it and the way they became a full-time YouTuber.

They even have practical tips about lighting, cameras, microphones, stuff like that. one amongst the videos that comes out on this channel once a month is that the creator Roundup, which is certainly worth checking out because it comes up with all the news and every one the updates coming to the platform, whether that’s YouTube normally or the YouTube Studio. Number two is Creator Insider.

this can be another official YouTube channel that you just should be following So everyone lecture you on this channel is functioning for YouTube. I’m gonna warn you it’s not the most effective video quality, it is not the simplest audio quality, but the content is so good on this channel. this is often definitely one that that I wanna watch on this channel.

They post multiple times a week and to be honest,

I do like this channel a bit over the primary one because the content is so good. They speak about the algorithm. So plenty of the things that I find out about the YouTube algorithm, i’m getting from the tech team with Creator Insider. Creator Insider has 440,000 subscribers, and that they post a range of content, whether that’s stuff about the algorithm, they also come up with the news and updates. So if there’s something happening like YouTube Shorts or something with monetization, they’ll also cover it on this channel.

Because it is the tech team they even offer you little sneak peeks into upcoming YouTube Studio features, which is pretty cool. Number three is our Think Media Podcast, coming in at 34,000 subscribers. this is often a podcast hosted Cannell and Heather Torres. this can be heavily focused on growing on YouTube. So though they do not cover more of the updates happening on the platform, though they are doing after all if it is a very big update, something is changing like that, it’s more so strategies, tips, and tricks for actually growing your channel. Their videos are a touch longer and they really move into depth and acquire practical with how to grow an audience, the way to get views, the way to get subscribers, and even a way to make a full-time income using YouTube.

Fresh new videos are coming out every single week,

but their old videos are so worth watching. you’ll undergo some of these interviews, a number of these teachings and learn lots. The fourth channel that you just need to be subscribed to is vidIQ with 910,000 subscribers. And vidIQ is truly the sponsor of this video. vidIQ could be a plugin for your internet browser that’s gonna provide you with lots of extra features on YouTube. This allows you to see what other people’s tags are in their videos and it also gives you recommendations for tags and even videos to do for your own channel. We’ve been using vidIQ at Think Media for a awfully very long time and Sean has been talking about this forever.

We definitely love the software.

it is a great resource that you must have if you’re serious about YouTube, you are looking to grow, then you must have vidIQ installed right away and you’ll be able to get a free 30 day trial by visiting vidiq.com/think.

Now their YouTube channel is awesome because they need some styles of content that’s occurring. And one among those kinds of content is simply YouTube tips, YouTube tricks, stuff that is working straight away that you just can implement into your videos today. But they also do long form content like live streams and they’ll even achieve people like legal experts to speak about YouTube.

They also cover a full lot of stuff about the YouTube Studio and if you are not using the YouTube Studio and you’re trying to grow on YouTube, then i do not know what you’re doing. you would like to be told how to use YouTube Studio and appearance at your data. i like that their videos are straight to the purpose and then insightful. Now this next channel you’ve probably never heard of which is small Monster Media with 11.6 thousand subscribers.

The cool thing about Little Monster Media is that the corporate is really cool, really big brands.

Their videos are typically 10 to 20 minutes long, but they are jam packed with information. I’m always surprised how much information they fit into the videos. Even though they’re pretty
long, there’s so much in there. It’s so valuable I feel like
I’m always having to take notes when I watch their videos. And the great thing about their tips is they have implemented these things. They’re working with
lots of YouTube channels and they’re bringing
this information to us to help us out to grow ours as well. Now if you wanna learn how to
make sure you subscribe while you check it out.



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